4’x2’x5’ tent setup?

This is my 4’x2’x5’ tent with a SunSystem 315 LEC and carbon filter suspended from ceiling (with extra support bars). I am trying DWC hydro for first time, though anxious so also will do two soil grows at same time. Is that too much to ask of this tent? Should I, can I put the carbon filter outside tent for more ceiling room? Controlling odor is prime concern.


@Bankjw I would give you the benefit of the doubt if you can fit all four in there with how your setup looks in your picture, it wouldn’t be as much yield as lets say 2 plants in DWC, or 2 in soil. You would need to FIM and TOP multiple times and super crop, and you would end up SCROGGING them to hold them down; ie especially in hydro. It would completely fill that tent, but you would need more light to do that anyways(as well), and height/space is already an issue. You would need a lot of training of your plants. For smell I would keep it exactly how you have it. It really looks like a solid setup. I would just personally fit 2 plants in there. I would get some more light too for 2 plants. Good luck I am following along your journey. I hope you the best harvest.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve done soil grows only, have had 3-4 oz./plant yields with doing only 2 week veg phase so plants were short.
Had a simple reflector hood with both 600W HPS and mH lamps, with first two grows and only had 1-2 oz/plant (2 plants once, 3 plants another and kept short veg phase) but heard great things about this SunSystem 315 ceramic, that it would easily handle a 4x4 tent. I have had beginners luck I think, because soil is so forgiving. Worry more about hydro, but understand it should yield better than soil. Was planning GSC and Jack Herer in this attempt.


I don’t know if you should necessarily expect to pull more than a 600. I think you have the potential to pull more per watt, or about the same overall yield potential between the 600 and the 315. If that makes sense?

I probably would’ve tried the short veg time just as you did, but went with smaller pots and tried to get more plants in there. As far as covering the height anyway. You can try removing filter and extracting from tent and blowing it through the filter. You just risk a leak more that way, and you’re using the smaller surface of the filter. But it works.

You’re looking for a full canopy, so try topping early and often. If you get them wide and squatty should be solid. You never know if you don’t try right? If you end up not liking that way as much, go back to short veg and add more plants and give that a try. Trying a 1 or 2 plant scrog is an option too. It’s jusy kind of difficult in those buckets with limited height.

I would agree with both. Squeezing 4 plants and 2 being hydro might make it hard to have enough room for the ladies. You’ve never dabbled in hydro before? They will grow like crazy in hydro. Without training and training often they will quickly grow out of hand.

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Thanks dieselgrower
I’ll be attentive, topping/FIMing and training. This is my first hydro

Thanks dbrn32. The 315 ceramic is much cooler and efficient, worked well on a quick minimal veg phase grow recently.
I’m having a great time learning and experimenting.

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That’s 8ft2, whether you do it with one plant or four…

If your grow is PERFECT and you take up all your usable grow space, you might get 3/4 of a pound…

That’s allot of stuff to go right though, a realistic expectation might be a under half a pound

I have 5’ grow tents and head room is always a concern. I didn’t put my filter on the outside but I put my fan on the outside so I can get my lights higher