4' X 4' X 8' Tent with Eight Plants...Overcrowded?


I have five Pineapple Haze, and three Big Bud plants in my tent described above. They are two months old as of yesterday. I have topped four, and will be cloning the other four when I top. I have three LED lights, 400W, 600W, and 300W. I move the plants as growth requires. Also have four fans on them. Running 18 hours a day. I’m a noob, and am wondering if I should thin them out before they obscure each other.



That depends on your personal grow style some guys have great grows with more in a space I let mine spread out more . This is my 4x4 and I would not go over 6 in it but I am only growing these 2 now


I have a 4x4x6 and I am only running 5 in it now. The thing is the plants might all fit in it now, but once they may become overcrowded once they really start to take off in size.



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Mine today. Five Pineapple Haze and three Big Bud in a 4X4!


I agree with these guys- i have same size tent and have 5 or 6 in at MOST as i find it becomes difficult for me to keep an eye on things and reach for watering when i have more than 5 - and i have better light concentration with 5 (placed like the 5 on a dice or a die ) two on each side and one in middle and even then the tent is Full -and if you LST or scrog its plenty of room with 3 plants and harvest just as much as squishing 8 in there- remember you need good air flow - xo good luck -


Well I’ll tell you what…five plants were Pineapple Haze, and three are
Big Bud. All started around Christmas Day 2016 (12/25/16).
Two of the BB’s were short and wide. All were topped. I put the two
“shorties” on a bin so they would be as high as the others.
Put them into flowering mode two weeks ago. All are doing well. I used
Humbolt Nutrients GROW, in the third month, and during the flowering
period, I am using their BLOOM. I also put a SCROG net in a few weeks
before they were high enough to put through it. Here’s a few pix I took
this morning, Easter (4/16/17).


What strain OS?

Gold leaf and girl scout cookies

Hey Buddy,

I ended up with probably close to a pound with the eight plants. Pistils
were 50% red, so I tried to take the buds on top, and let the smaller ones
under the canopy get bigger. Didn’t work. Soon as I cut the tops, within a
few days all the little buds turned red fast.

All in all, I’m happy they are curing now.

Here’s a shot of some of the prime Pineapple Haze. Should be damn tasty in
a few weeks!

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Congratulations on your harvest!!:sunglasses:

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Thanks Man. Nice heady pain-killing stuff. I could write book right now. :smile:

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