4 weeks since flip

4 weeks since flip I ran out of room in my tent so I’ve been bending stalks down it’s actually been letting a lot of undergrowth happen this is a total of 50 days since the seed popped out of the soil. I know I’m way too close to my lights so through reading some of these posts I’m going to try topping early on and bending to see if I can utilize the tent better. any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am new to this. Yeah I know I’ve got some nute burn going on on the bigger leafs. I hit them with a PK-1314 for about a week Now I’ve stopped and went back to my regular water. These are bruce banner and grand daddy purple from ilgm.


Lots of buds that should finish nicely there. Great job!

Thanks. Im already looking forward to the next grow. Kinda anxious to see if anyone has input on the top & tie methods in these smaller tents.

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