4 weeks old problem


This seedling is like 4 weeks but it’s battling to grow, the soil is not to wet or to dry, it was doing well in the first few weeks until the leaves curled down and changed to a pale green colour.I even lowered the lights a bit
What I’m I doing wrong here as my 2nd one is doing fine


Im no expert but i will try to put you on the right track-
Same dirt? Same water? Same strain? Fan blowing on one but not the other? Didnt fart to close to this one did you? Lol :money_mouth:


@garrigan62 can provide you with a support ticket. He gave me one but I still haven’t figured out how to copy more than one word to paste it on my phone.

I’ve also misplaced my symptoms chart. @Majiktoker or @yoshi may have one as well.


What soil are you using , the micro organisms in the soil could be to strong for seedlings , you might want to try flushing the soil before planting a new seedling if this one dies , but some soil mediums has very strong time release nitrogen in the soil that can very strong for seedlings , so try Fox Farm Happy Frog or CoCo coir starting a seedling with 30-40% perlite mixed until plant is mature enough to be transplanted in stronger soil medium . But what I do to prevent transplanting is layer my soil from bottom to top with Fox Farm Ocean Forest on bottom , than Happy Frog in the middle and CoCo Coir on top layer to prevent early defiencies from strong microbes that can be in the soil and before planting I flush the soil to starting PH levels to about 5.8-6.0 in my opinion …hope this helps in the future and happy growing .


Cannot troubleshoot from a photo/ sry I’m new to your post but as briefly as possible plz reply with answers to the following:

soil? Type/amount
Strand? Auto or no auto?
Type & #of lights/strength…# of hours a day?
watering/nutrients? Have u used any this early or no?
Have you done anything in particular to disturb or alter the plants environment?


The environment is fine, air circulation and c02 , the soil is a normal mix of potting soil+perlite+vermiculite and some dolomite lime.Using 2x85w + 3x20w Cfl in a 1.2x 2m grow space 18/6 lights, 3plants in that section.

A grower adviced me that I have to start in smaller pots as the pot I’m using is a 5 gallon (27cm)

Have not used any nutrients yet, should I on 4 weeks?
Still learning the skill…


Is it an auto or regular photoperiod? Dont transplant Autos, especially if your a beginner…not enough info to troubleshoot but it might be a good idea to grow a few middie grade seeds along side of your special ones you can always change up ur style on one of the test plants to see if you can isolate the problem…I’m guessing it’s a regular seed no way that’s 4 week old auto even for photoperiod that thing is struggling…for one its stretching so that means lights or distance from them is ineffective…the stem is skinny is a pre spinach Popeyes so u need some decent wind hitting that thing to strengthen it up…leaves are yellow so either nutrient or watering issue or both plus what yoshi said