4 weeks into flower and loving lst

Hey everyone!! Well my lady is now 4 weeks into flower. I have been doing alot of LST on her for the last month and a half. I just untied all her branches a couple days ago cause all the new shoots we getting taller than the main tops. She doesn’t seem to have the most dense buds yet and no sugars but she has a bunch of tops to feed so I am not really worried. I will just be patient and wait.


Looking good


You have a nice looking plant there my friend,


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Thank you guys very much!! No seeing any problems with the yellowing or anything?

To me they look like the fan leaves, and when they go into flower they use the stored food in them first, thats what ive taken from what ive read, but the others will be able to let you know more

Ya it’s just fan leaves I am just hoping I am not losing to many to fast. It’s about 3-5 per day but she has a bunch to lose