4 Weeks into flower and found these tonight...HELP


Hi All…Im 4 weeks into flower and found these on a branches on my beautiful Burmese Kush…
they are fem seeds…dont know if they are hermi or calyx…its near to impossible to remove the plant as it in a closet under SCrog net…and is in the furthest corner…Any Help would be so much appreciated so I dont turn hermi from the stress …Thanks Everyone…


No worries friend, its just a swollen calyx. Shes female for sure and thats how shes telling you, tha lil white hairs that come out the calyx are for catching pollen. When no pollen available they just shrivel back into the bud. Goodluck, they do look great already.


I was gonna say the same thing definitely a female. You can see the hairs coming out of it. Def a swollen calyx, no worries.


@MrPromo, I thought the same thing as you on my first grow. She looks good


I love reading posts cause when I first saw it I was like oh no it’s a Hermie. Thanks for all the amazing insight people bring to us noobs lol


Thanks everyone for easing my mind on this…you guys are truly the best to come for for advise…