4 weeks in, outdoors, what to expect = fertilizer?

USA , mid SC. AK-47 AF, just garden & potting soil & minimal compost mix, 7 GAL pots. Some initial pH considerations (our water) so now just rain water as source. At this rate soon to be moved to portable greenhouse soon for privacy, and may begin to flower in <5 weeks. Appear healthy, so looking suggestions for an available solid fertilizer (brand/mix) to support flowering/buds? Thanks.

I am sorry I can’t remember who was warning another grower that black pots in sun is bad for root growth, and advised to paint them white or hang light colored cloth around pot. But they look really nice man keep up good work. Is green house vented? Gets real hot in direct sunlight. Hope this helps, good luck

Welcome to the forum. I use fox farms trio but I do because I use that soil so I wanted something that would work well with that soil. But there are many options.

I think @Cannabian and @Covertgrower were saying that a day or so ago about the pot color. Cannibian also grows in a green house. He would be a good help to you @Poorattitude.


What? What did I do now?


Jacks 321, Canna, or Fox Farms are all excellent nutrient lines that I have used.

Haven’t used jacks yet, but others have. I haven’t switched yet.

oh, well prepare soil now and use bone meal, its slow release so it needs time to be absorbed into the soil. Depending on the soil you use? You may not need anything? My greenhouse soil is well balanced so there is not much need to add anything. I will sprinkle some bone meal on the soil a few weeks prior to bud break just to give them a bit of a Kickstart.

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Oh and about the pot color… yeah they shouldnt even make black pots, its stupid really. The best thing to do is wrap them in white cotton sheet strips or burlap bags. Even throw a strip of plywood in front of them to block the sun. Roots hate excessive heat. If you plant directly to soil and have no ground cover like clover, throw hay at least 6 inches deep on the soil. Or straw or any natural breathable insulated material. Keep it cool not cold.


Great, good stuff on pots, w/ volume/size & weather of late haven’t hit heat as issue yet (but would) so, each will sport an old shitty white T-shirt shortly for sure. Temporary greenhouse will be full open on both ends , but that is more for inadvertent eyes, as unlikely as that might be. Also allowing effective surround w/ bunch of other herbs for anti-pestilence. But holding breath so far w/ 1st effort w/ this strain @ 100% outdoors. This AF experience sets stage for 3 different feminized strains for fall harvest.

Thank you for heads up on fertilizer , liking the light sprinkle of bone meal thing