4 week check in - need to add?

Thats some fire right there! Frosty as all get out! Excellent work growmie! Fanfuxingtastic!

She has to be close, since there isnt but a cple white hairs that I can see. Only way to really tell you at this stage is by trichomes. This chart should help.

A jewlers loop or a usb microscope (either about 20 bucks on Amazon) will allow you a close enough view to see them. The scope would allow you to share your image to get judgment from others.

This is a 3 part series on harvest dry and cure that I follow with great success.

If those dont cover ya, ask away.
Such a beautiful plant.

@Docnraq Thanks!! Will be watching these videos today. Got a little magnifying loupe coming later today too…

At the very end of one branch, one bud was super dry and dark - don’t think it means anything but I sort of moved it and it fell right off. Feels like regular old dried out weed - will this happen to all the ends soon? Just curious if that’s normal!

Picture here

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Nope not normal. Is it rotten inside or smell musty at all? Go over every inch of your plant to be sure there isnt any more of it.

Just checked carefully. I know you can’t do it for me haha but I took a picture of all the main parts of e plant too just to see if you see anything off.

That bud just feels dry and crunchy, and I don’t notice a weird smell.

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Upload error looks like.

Good no smell and no rot are good. Maybe damaged and half pulled the bud off its branch, its small so looks like something akin to that. Repost those pics and Ill take a look. Glad she looks healthy and happy, no black or fuzz is good sign.

Yeah, I crumbled it up after I posted, all very dry and crunchy. I’ll post the pictures in a few posts, and as always, thanks!

I meant to add also - yesterday was crazy windy, I realized as I was at work. Doubt that would have damaged it that fast, but I was stressed waiting to get home!

Heard that! She looks real good. Id call it a fluke. Be vigilant! Thuroughly go over her everyday (like you already do) to make sure no others appear! She has gotta be so close to finishing.

Sweet, yes I will! I got my loupe a few minutes ago - I was able to take a picture through the phone lens. Looks like it’s in that milky white but not quite at amber stage?

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Important tips for scoping trichomes.

  1. the plant matures from the top down so its important to look at trichomes about 1/3 of the way down the plant. As well as 1/3 of the way down the bud you are examining.
  2. the trichombs on sugar leaves will mature very fast by comparison to the ones on the actual bud itself. You want to look past the leaves and onto the buds surface to judge done-ness.

This is a microscope image of my current plants maturity. Its very close but you may notice a very crystalized shimmer to them. They are not done yet, I have at least a week maybe more to go. Want them to look like this.

Notice they are much more opaque in this image. This is plus some amber is my goal, i lika da couchlock. If you dont then harvest just before all the amber. Check them every couple days from here till harvest.

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@Docnraq Very helpful info - I want somewhere between couch lock and energetic


Go for 5-15% amber and chop! Soon, very soon.

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So exciting! Hoping maybe sometime next weekend.

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Seems like that would be the case. Then comes the hard part…waiting for the dry!

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Don’t forget the curing time! Really stinks having to see all that dried bud curing by worth it. I harvested an auto before it was ready but followed all proper drying and curing tips. Smoke does the trick but I’m hoping my latest grow will be couch potato smoke.


Im pro couch lock too!

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