4 the hard way scrog

Clockwise starting at 11:

Gold leaf from seed
Pure kush clone
Green crack clone
Ak47 clone

I don’t know how much I’ll post. The ak & gc are short and I will need to put cinder blocks under those to get the canopy even.

I also forgot to ask @Willd if he thought the scrog helped compared to his 2015 grow. It’s my second scrog but the first was an emergency and I didn’t get to do all the begging and tucking I wanted to.


Girls look and green and healthy @fever. Watching.


Looking great!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I’m scrogging too. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m unable to determine whether that boosted my yield or not since I removed the net from both SCROG rows prior to maturity. I will say don’t remove the net until they’re ready or the branches will fall over from the weight of the buds.
One of the drawbacks of SCROG is the strength of the trunk and branches never really develops since it’s all being artificially supported. On the other hand all that energy is being focused on growth and flowering.


I will be following along, can’t wait to see how it goes @Fever

no I have no idea what I am doing but I’m not obsessing over it. Im still gonna git me some weed!


Nothing wrong with them gals!!! Nice :+1:t2: one :point_up:


That’s the attitude to have @fever!

My thoughts exactly! :sunglasses:

Ok some weird shines sets of leaves on the ak47
@Donaldj any ideas?

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More pics

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I see only two sections of the entire plant that look to have this problem in that picture that last picture you could see there was two little amber resin balls underneath one of the leaves very small I sat with a magnifying glass I looked closely on all other areas and did not see any insects and I was using a strong microscope
@Majiktoker The only difference with this plant is I just fed it with potassium silicate for the first time

Strain: ak47
Soil in pots, promix hp
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.0
What is strength of nutrient mix? 300ppm
Light system, size? Led 550watt Cobb full spectrum
Temps; Day,73 night 68
Humidity; Day 50%-70%
Ventilation system; 245 cfm 4"
AC, Humidifier, yes
Co2; No

Curling down on a new leaf section but not all of them. Also some shines in the center. I gave potassium silicate for the first time and watered it 2 days ago. Soil is still moist. I had no trouble until just now.

I have a few plants doing similar thing it’s not a def I am torn between too much par and TMV since my plants didn’t show signs until after being placed under my LEC? But could be result of silicate since also in my mix?


No way you just blew my mind.
I just put it under the cobb led 2 days ago from a different tent with a different light.



@Donaldj I was gonna flip lights tonight, should I just take this one out? Or flower it?

let adjust to light some first

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I pinched those two spots off lol.
Today turned the lights on after 36 hours of darkness.
Set timer to 12/12.
Started foxfarm nutes (low strength) and mammoth p as well as potassium silicate. Photosynthesis + as usual and some organic calmag
First week of flip I also give some bud blood.


Nice full net!

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Outside of very few, that’s definitely one of the better managed scrogs I’ve seen here. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed you didn’t know what you are doing, as stated earlier in thread. Nice job!

I’m curious as to the running of the mammoth and photosynthesis plus, aren’t they suppose to do the same thing? Anyway, have you mixed both before or used either by themselves? Or just giving it a go because you have them?