4 seedings from 1 seed?

Hey all,
I started my first ever grow on Aug 1. I planted 4 autoflower seeds - 2 amnesia haze, 2 blueberry - each in a 5 gallon planter. They live outside in FL.
They’ve been growing well so far, but a few days ago I started seeing other little sprouts starting to break through the soil. Unsure of what they were at the time, I decided to just let them live for a while before I’d yank them out. Fast forward to today, and one of the sprouts has gotten so big that it is unmistakable, it’s definitely another seedling, not a weed. It is identical to how the initial seedling looked. I moved it to a new pot before I thought to take a picture. However, there are another 2 micro sprouts that also look like seedlings. It’s too early to tell for sure, but they certainly look the part. I’ve attached a photo.
With all of that being said, what should I do? Is it normal to get 4 seedlings from 1 seed? Does this mean that each plant will be weak because they all came from just one seed? Should I continue to remove them from the pot, or just let them all grow together? Please help a noobie out. Thanks!

Got a closer pic? That doesn’t look like cannabis.


Stinging nettle . ?

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What’s your soil consist of if cow manure has been known to carry seeds in it cattle and horses stomaches don’t process all the seeds they eat so often stinging nettle and other weeds will be in soil mixes that contain cow manure

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Yeah, most likely just random other plants/weeds.


No seed, no weed. Unless you clone. But that’s another story. Sorry bro.

I had a seed try to pop triplets. What I got was twins with a leaf trying to grow out of the side of one of the tap roots…

That one is weak and I doubt she’ll make it. The other one is small but thriving. I had another seed from the same batch pop twins. Both are thriving after being separated.


Probably something else in the soil. I’ve had it happen.

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Never underestimate what you think is a weak seed. I had 1 that in 30 days was no higher than a 1/2” tall. She ended up going almost 7 feet tall and 8oz dried, cured and no stems. Just saying.


I’ve never heard of seeds doing that. Haven’t seen it happen either… that’s gotta have to do with the genetics I’d imagine?

This one is BAD weak though. I’ve never seen such a tiny seedling. You have to search for her in her pot. lol And she seems to kinda be shrinking.