4 plants in 3 gallon containers for SCROG in a 2x2x4 with 260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit?

I was wondering if what I put in the title would work out well? I have three going now, one is about three weeks older than the other two and I’m wondering if I could get away with adding another one.

I want to train them all as much as possible to see how good I can get / much I can learn / experience I can get, etc. It also wouldn’t be bad to have a decent supply on hand.

Also, how much would this configuration differ in your opinion if I went with the https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/products/260w-xl-qb-v2-led-kit over the https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/products/260w-qb-v2-rspec-led-kit. I really don’t want to spend the money but if I’m going to be upgrading it later because of something I could avoid now, I’d rather do that. I almost feel the XL in a way limits upgrading in the future when I hopefully can grow in a more square space.

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Sorry, I meant in a 24"x48"x60"!!!

That light would work wonders for that size tent. You could fill that tent nicely with the three plants if you want, others can fill that tent with one. Your choice, like you said, to learn by doing. We all come here for advice on how to grow. good luck and happy growing :rofl: :bat:

The xl actually gives better light coverage. The 2 slate heat sinks allow overlapping light due to the boards being directly next to each other. It also allows space for another board should you want to run 3 boards in the future.

For the amount of plants, I like to go with the least amount of plants that can fill the space. In a 2x4, you could fill the space with just two plants. Hell, @Audiofreak filled it with just one. Running more plants doesn’t necessarily increase yield. You’re yield is limited to the space available. You could run 5 plants or 2 plants and come out with the same yield. The only reason to run more is if you wanted a bunch of different strains.


This reply will address overall space you have to deal with. The best way to demonstrate what a tent will fit is visual. My tent is a Covert 3x4 with 6’ height. The side ‘veg’ chamber takes up a foot of the four feet so really growing area is 3x3 as there is a bar at the floor that makes it hard to put a pot on. My tent at present has five autoflowers in it, all came up around first part of September so I am halfway through the taller ones in back and the shorter ones will go about six more weeks. I have four in AutoPots and one in a SoftPot, over in the veg chamber area. I tend to overgerminate and then can’t bring myself to kill a plant so stick it to the side. I battled tent space last grow. Today I am thinking next grow may only be two plants.

Space with height to consider, and this is rarely covered: calculate the height from the top of your container to your light at it’s highest point you can raise it. Calculate the prospective height of your plant. Calculate the distance from the light to no less than 12" from it, that will be the absolute MOST you will be able to allow your plants to get to prevent light burn. I like mine to stay around 18". In my tent that gives me 31" of total plant height to deal with tying a plant down and some plants do not like manipulated. So you have to do some research and cross reference. Seed banks sometimes do not put all the description about a plant on there. Nothing irritates me more than seeing “average” or “tall” for a plant. I NEED a bit more info such as 90 cm - 120 cm in prospective height. If that makes sense. So this will be your guide on choosing strains. I applaud anyone who can grow a ‘tall’ sativa in a tent. I would suspect in my tent that would be ONE plant and I would end up wrapping it all around the tent.

So to answer your question on adding plants: you can. But you will need to get creative not to mention brave, on how to manipulate plants.

So for reference. Today’s photo of the grow shows a packed tent.
Photo of first grow shows the elaborate lengths I went to to make one plant fit. Originally had seven in there and ended up with five. Four smaller ones and the big one.

I hope this helps you and makes sense!

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You are awesome! Thank you for sharing so much.
I get what you’re saying regarding light height and a sativa… I will have to deal with that. I thought about making my tent a convertible if I need to (even the new one I haven’t gotten yet). I really will be way more in love with the plants at the point then the tent lol.

I think you’ve done a great job in working that all out in your tent. I will need to be brave in training. I may hit you up for tips :).

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The XL it is then! (if HLG is cool with it)

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The XL is sold out. Following because I am buying a similar size tent soon.

@prostock, Growerslights dot com has them in rspec

Bummer, I have to use HLG because that’s where I bought the one I have now from.

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What’s the difference between QB and XL?

The xl has a wider coverage and can have a 3rd panel added with a driver upgrade making it a 320 version

Thank you.

QB (quantum board) is just the name of the LED boards. XL (extra long) just denotes that it’s a triple slate heat sink. Triple slate meaning it could hold 3 qb288 boards.

A qb 260 has a double slate heat sink which means it can only fit 2 qb288 boards.

A qb 260xl has a triple slate heat sink. This allows you to separate the two qb288 boards allowing for better coverage in a 2x4 space. You could also add another qb288 board.


Thanks. I am considering buying this, and that may work fairly well for it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DXYMQ9M/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01DXYMQ9M&linkCode=as2&tag=productiong-20&linkId=12cf3a55139ca334e38dd659fb060feb

I have that one in my garage. Had to add an ac to it though.

Wow, what light are you using and what is your environment like?

I have 5- qb135’s. That was just a test tent to see if I’d be able to grow in the garage in south Texas heat. It was possible but the constant temp and humidity swings really took a toll on the plants. I may try a winter grow out there but it’s been vacant since last year.