4 plant in door grow/ 1st grow journal

Currently running 4 plants 2 original glue & sherbet cookies from nirvana.
2x4 gorilla tent
Sun system 315 cmh 2020-01-26T05:00:00Z

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& (2 platinum 150’s will b used during flower)
Mother earth coco& perlite
5gal smart pots
AN nutes Sensi coco ph perfect grow & bloom
Big bud
Bud igniter(left over)
Piranha(left over)
Flawless finish
Have 2 5gal buckets with tap h20 always be aerated @ 48hrs b4 use
Been contemplating whether to do this so here we go. I will start. at day 7
Place seeds n pots gave weak solution Sensi grow,voodoo, b52, lights @36 in
Day 11
Running lights 20/4, humidity low temps high. Will veg 5/6 wks
Watered with half strength mutes 10ml/2gal, grow,voodoo,b52 cal/mag & Maxicorp 1tsp.
Bowl & towel method 2 increase humidity
Lights at 70%
Day 15
Watered with 10ml/2 gal with same nite except Maxicorp. Growing well
Lights full power @ 36in
Super saturated with 2gal each with each receiving 20ml/2gal(mistake #1)
Reasoning coco drying 2 fast
Temps mid 80’s & humidity still low 30/40%, plants r healthy though, added 2nd fan
Had nite on gg4 & sc, flushed all plants with. FF
4ml/6gal h20
Day 21
Foliar feed with/ Maxicorp plants recovering nicely, had humidifier x 2 got them working. Learning experience 4 me if doin fine leave along.
Day 24
Top every plant & defile started lst’ing, feed 10ml/2gal original feeding, same nurse except Maxicorp
Feed 10ml/2gal nurse except Maxicorp
Day 31
Plants bushy more lst’ing
Day 32
Watered 10ml/2gal, gg4 had some taxiing flushed again with 2ml/2gal f2f
Day 33 pruned a little heavy, Had light penetration
Day 34 feed 10ml/2gal same nurse with 1tsp Maxicorp.
Up to date now, I know i’m heavy with mutes but my biggest problem is pruning must get better!!!
If y’all have questions/suggestions feel free 2 respond after all this a help line. Thank u 4 tuning n.

@locorock sorry for the delay still growing they are n flower now, i beat them some. my major problem has been over pruning. i’ll bring this to date.
stared flowering 1/29. fed with grow,voodoo, b52, big bud, bud ignitor, cal/mag piranha for first wk.
day 39 gg show yellowing n leaves riased light & decreased intensity 70%
day 40
fed with same @ nutes 10ml/2gal(each taking 1gal.)
day 44
started bloom with same nutes strength alternate feedings with h2o every day.yellowing disappearing. gg seems more light sensitive than the others.
2/9 day48 defol, hack them up must get better
day 49
fed bloom nutes same strength
2/14 day 52 just h2o they responded well to defol bushy again
2/17 fed again same nutes strecth about over
2/18 day 55 same nutes except voodoo, piranha. turned on my p150’s just flower.
will take pic from phone. dont know to up from phone to lap