4 Photos A Couple Autos And A Plan

Beautiful line up you have growing on.

I would recommend not adjusting the PH of the AACT it is living and will do its thing. I’ve done it and it just reverts back to where it’s equilibrium needs to be.
Many articles as well discussing the reasons behind it.
Up to you.

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@Skydiver is much more informed about organics then I am take his advice
I know @Sirsmokesalot is also organic I belive.

So I took your advice and got some mulch and have put it on 3 of the 4 photos. I will probably do the 4th one tomorrow.I talked myself out of it on the Bruce Banner because it is so much bigger than the rest of the plants. I got the mulch from build a soil. They say it has been composted for 2 years. So we will see what happens.Once I start pulling leaves I will put them on top of the mulch. Thanks for the tips.

This is the Acapulco Gold with the new mulch.


Good deal
Doesn’t matter how big etc mulch helps the system develop
Just keep the top moist and the critters will multiply and eat that stuff up. I keep adding mulch…mostly leaves and stems etc and it just disappears over time. Eventually I’ll need to remove some soil as many pots are getting near the top.
I’m thinking I’ll need to do a pizza pie slice type removal so I don’t completely mix up the layers that have established their own mini ecosystem. That’s why I stopped tilling my outside garden about 7 or 8 years ago after researching and reading about the soil profile with its layers working together.

Time for the weekly update. It has been a good week for the plants. Quick recap. The 4 photos are growing in Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only Soil. And they have had one does of compost tea. I put about 1-2 inches of mulch on the top of the soil and have been misting with water in the mornings when I can. They seem to like the mulch. And then I have 2 autos that are in FF Happy Frog soil and I am using the Zen Nutrient line on them. They have had 2 doses so far. They seem to be responding well to the nutes. This is my first time using nutrients. The photos sprouted between 10-9 and 10-17 with the AG being the youngest. I plan on flipping the lights around 12-15 or so. The autos sprouted on 10-27 and 28. Here are the pics for the week.

This is the Acapulco Gold plant. It is starting to catch up to the rest but is visibly behind.

This is the Bruce Banner. It is 18 inches tall. The biggest in the tent. I did raise the lights today as you can see a little light burn on this one.

This is the Jilly Bean. She is starting to get taller. She is still my favorite to stare at.

This is the Green Crack plant. It is trying to catch up to the Bruce Banner.

These are the Girl Scout Cookies autos. Looking good after their first 2 doses of nutrients.
Hope you are all doing well and have a happy Thanksgiving. :turkey:


Looks like the last 3 could use a little more light to keep node spacing/stretch under control.

Look healthy though.
Keeping it green :smiley_cat:


Yes I need to learn when I start seedlings in the tent with older plants I need to raise them up so they don’t stretch as much. Next time for sure.

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Time for an update. I missed last week. I don’t remember when my last day off was. So here we go. I went through a stretch where the plants got water neglected. They got pretty droopy and and I lost a couple leaves off one plant. They are doing a lot better this week. And I am making it a priority to make sure they get what they need. I will be flipping the lights in about a week and start the flowering run. I just got the last 2 ingredients in for the flowering tea I will give them when I flip and then again 2 weeks later. I will put the recipe in next weeks update. I think I will be getting a day off or two next week. So here are the pics for the week with a little caption below each plant’s pictures.

This is the Bruce Banner. It is a fast flowering strain. This one suffered the most from my neglect last week. But has bounced back pretty well.

This is the Acapulco Gold. It is about 10 days behind the others. Doing good so far. Just wish the first one would have made it so it could be a little bigger when flipping. I have grown one other of this strain and it is everyones favorite so far.

This is the Green Crack. It is also a fast flower strain. It has just been cruising right along. I am excited to try this one out.

This is the Jilly Bean. She is short and stout. Very thick and bushy. It looks like a Christmas tree to me. I am very excited to be growing this strain. Well that is the photos now on to the autos.

This is the smaller of the 2 stretched out autos. I am using FF Happy Frog with these and using nutes for the first time. Other that them stretching out they look and seem happy and healthy. I have upped the dose of nutes and they are responding well.

This is the taller of the 2 autos. Starting to get a bunch of pre flower sites.

The tent is getting pretty full. I have 1 auto drying in the other tent at the moment. Once it is done I think I will move the autos in there. So that is what I have growing on currently. I can’t wait for work to settle down. I am in IT and we put a lot of upgrades off due to the pandemic and we are making up for it now before year end. I hope I never have to be on a call with a vendor for 14 hours straight again like I was last Saturday. Oh well it will get better. Keep it green and keep growing. :beers: :beers:


That’s hectic mate! We are doing much the same and let’s add in some stress for employees by screwing them over every chance we get? Stress? Lol what stress? :crazy_face:

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We should give the man some LST. They could use it.

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Haha that’d be nice! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

So I have been MIA for a few weeks. Life has been crazy. But here we go with an update. Saturday I gave them plants a second dose of flowering AACT. In a 5 gallon bucket I mixed in 1 cup of worm castings, 5 tbsp of molasses, 5 tbsp of liquid fish and kelp, 1/2 cup alfalfa meal, 2/3 cups of sea bird guano, and 2/3 cups bat guano. Let it bubble for 3 days and used 1 part tea and 2 parts water for their feeding. So far they seem to really like it. I did some light defoliation and put the leaves in the bag on top of the soil. They vegged for 8 weeks (except the Acapulco Gold which is 10 days behind) and have been on a 12/12 light schedule for 14 days. The autos are in FF Happy Frog and I am using Zen Products nutrients. This is my first try with nutes. So far so good. The photos are all in Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only Soil.Here are the pics.

These are the two Girl Scout Cookies Autos. They seem to like the nutrients just fine. They are the tallest autos I have grown so far.

This is the Bruce Banner photo.

This is the Green Crack photo

This is the Acapulco Gold photo. 10 days behind the others.

In my opinion this is the star of the show so far. This is the Jilly Bean photo.


Looking nice @OldTimeRockAndGrow :purple_heart:

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