4 Photos A Couple Autos And A Plan

I always water from the top as I also top dress most of my dry nutrients and the water helps carry the nutrients down and also keep the soil moist to keep the little critters happy. When I do water the plant saucer I’ll add some and watch it get wicked up and add some more. Most times I don’t need to dump any excess but after the last add if it isn’t gone in an hour I’ll swap saucers or dump that one and replace under her.
Top and bottom combined allows the moisture to meet in the middle without getting that run through that can happen when your soil becomes hydrophobic and you water all at once it tends to drain through the soil. It will wick back up from the saucer though.
Those pics above is where I would have plant saucers under them and water in saucers and let it wick up and that helps the roots seek down to that moisture.


Makes sense. I will experiment a little. Thanks.

Read your run off before you feed!

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I will be doing my weekly update soon. But I got some ILGM seeds last week. I won a contest and got seeds, shirts and an Inkbird controller. I got the power mix pack and tank tops of the strains that came with it. Quite a haul. So next run I will see how the ILGM seeds are. I am excited about all three strains.


Well. Congrats Man! What contest?

It was a guy I follow on IG. He is out of Canada. Photosyntec. He has contests for US and Canada. He is on Youtube too.

Oh yeah and Inkbird sent me the controller direct and the guy that contacted me asked if I was interested in being a tester. So I have been getting more Inkbird gear free.

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Dang man hook a brother up! Lol how you finding this sweet stuff!

I need to be a tent tester or a carbon filter tester because those are two items I need to buy right now lol.

Lots of giveaways on IG. I just won 20 more seeds from a small breeder Saturday night Janis Joplin strain. I hear you about the tent and filter. That would be good too.

Fastbuds sent me a order of 4 different strains they want me to grow out and send them the link to the journal & pics. So I’m stoked.
They liked what I did with their last seeds I grew and these are brand new strains so might get a picture up on their main page if I do a good enough job


That is great. If I was a seed company I would hit you up too. Your grows are great. That would be great to get on their site. And growing something new that not much is known about or documented yet would be exciting. I will be watching for sure. Congrats and good luck.

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Thnx, ugh my last couple plants I made critical mistakes but at least I got two finishing up.

Keep on the prowel your doing great to!

Yeah they just listed one it’s called

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Time for the weekly update. Another crazy week at work. But at least I finally have this weekend off. I am so far behind on journals I am following. I am hoping to get caught up this weekend. The plants have had a good week. They got their first dose of actively aerated compost tea. I mixed 4+ gallons of water, 2 cups of worm castings, and 2 tablespoons of organic unsulfered black strap molasses in a bucket with an air pump with a 6 hose manifold and medium air stones and let it bubble for 24 hours and watered with the tea last night. We will see how they react to it. So far so good. Here are the pics for this week.

This is the tea after brewing for 24 hours in the dark.

This is the Acapulco Gold. It is about 8-10 days behind the others.

This is the Bruce Banner it is growing like crazy. It has the biggest fan leaves I have ever grown.

This is the Jilly Bean. It is short and stout for sure. For some reason I find myself staring at her more than the others. I just really like the way she looks.

This is the Green Crack. I think all 4 of them are doing really good so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

These are the 2 Girl Scout Cookie Autos. They are in FF Happy Frog soil and will be getting their first dose of Zen Product nutrients in a few days. This is my first time using nutrients and I am looking forward to it. Something different for me. This is what I have had growing on for the week. I really hope to get caught up on some journals this weekend I feel bad I am so far behind. Hope everyone and your families are good. Stay green and keep growing. :beers: :+1:

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What was your run off ppm prior to feeding?

What’s the tea ppm?
You ph’d the tea yea?

Ps Bruce banner and green crack good strains

I have not done a run off yet so I don’t know the ppm prior to giving the the tea. . The tea is 760 ppm. And I did ph to 6.7. The bruce banner and green crack were suggestions from my daughters and a boyfriend.

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What’s a sativa strain your famiar with (it’s high)
I’ll show you something.

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I would say Acapulco Gold or LSD.

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Wow that is really cool. I will be checking that out a bunch in the future. Thanks for the info. I will show that to the wife as she is my biggest consumer. And she can start picking the strains.

Yeah they don’t have everything but alot