4” or 6” exhaust fan?

Researching tents and setup.

Due to limitations, I’m considering a 2 x 2.5’ tent.

Will the 4” fan be sufficient or is the 6” better?


4 inch will work in most setups


Feet or meters. If feet, you can get away with a 4". I’d go for a 6" of the measurement is in meters. A 4" isn’t very powerful at all, but it’s get the job done in a very small tent.

I’d recommend an AC Infinity fan. They are worth the money. Small, quiet, effective, and reliable.


It is in feet. 2 feet x 2.5 feet. Small

Would it hurt anything to have the larger 6” in a small tent?

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not at all…unless the tent only has the 4 inch holes, just get the ones that have the variable speed so you can slow it down if your walls are caving in


I’m not sure a 6" will fit in a tent that size. You need to have a little room for ducting too. A 6" AC Infinity is 12" long. I’m not sure that other manufacturers make them any shorter.

I’d take my chances with a 6" I suppose if I planned on going to a bigger tent size in the future.


im not sure it will fit or not but if the hose does, have the unit outside the tent but the reason i say 6in because you will upgrade and 6in is awesome


I agree with budz go bigger for when you decide to upgrade your tent. Even if you never get a bigger tent I think it’s still better to get the 6” and run it at a low setting than to get the 4” and have it running mid to high setting.


Thanks. Makes sense. I’ll make sure the tent will accept a 6” and go with that.


I use a 4 inch and i just upgraded to a AC Infinity t4 inline fan with controller it was $395 .i have a vivosun four inch inline and its starting to make a rattle noise

Larger fan recommended (available for future expansion).
Lower speed will work well for 6 inch fan

good plan