4" or 6" carbon filter/Exaust fan setup? Please Help ASAP

Can someone tell me how big of a carbon filter/exaust fan to get 4" or 6" ?? I have a 7’X4’X6’ grow room using 1 600 watt HPS light (I-power) and 1 1200 Watt LED light (King LED) in the room. I have 2 fans in the room blowing air around. 1 heater on timer for when the lights go out. I am growing 8 Plants still in veg stage almost ready to switch to flower…Please help

I would look into 8” for that size space. But wouldn’t go smaller than 6”


Ok, thank you for that feedback.

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Concur with an 8". I run an 8" in a 5x5 and it does fine. I tried a 6" and it didn’t get the job done.