4 of a kind + wild card


I’m giving it 65 max due to stressors applied. Believe me I’m all for an early finish.


I’m sure she will still fatten up.


So it has rained 3 days straight & I checked my babies. Unfortunately I found some bud rot on my blue dream clone. So disappointed. Now I’m really debating on harvest time and Will it affect other plants within the 5-5 ft circle I got them in.


Okay quick update.
Girl Scout cookies x 1
Blue Dream (1)
So far I got about 3 oz/plant.
Killed due to mold forming after 3 days of steady rain,
Of course they were 2-3 weeks early.


Sorry no pictures camera broke


Bummer about the camera, and the rain! Sounds like a decent harvest though, congrats :+1:


Next chapter- A NEW MOVE!!emphasized text
Hello everyone!!
Sorry it’s been so long but “when nature calls I answer.”:crazy_face: anyways I dearly have missed all of you. I decided to post here because you guys see the love I give ILGM So now let me show you the love they give back. These are a few of those beans that “Jack gave me.”

Left to right- tray 1 Bruce Banner 1&2, tray 2 Gold leaf (front) Cherry Pie (rear), tray 3 skywalker (front) gorilla glue (rear) tray 4 MK ultra (front) & puny🧐cherry pie (rear) huge😁


Oh that’s a pineapple in the back.


The square bucket at front is a Girl Scout cookies extreme that sprouted during flower season outdoors in a pot of pitcher plants. It went into flower at 4” I didn’t bother it until it got cold. So now I got it going back into vegatative stage. “Just trying to grow these weeds together and harvest with the youngest(MK ultra):face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it better not stay puny.


Nice to see you back!


My tent :tent: is fully online I pump 1070watts veg. And occasionally flip the full range 5070watts on just to give the girls a feel of variation temps and humidity ranges. I only open and close vents to do the humidity thing. And it is a wide range from 40% to 74% the temp range is 68• to 86• ventilation moving air at 227cfm which creates a suction effect on the tent meaning CO intake is fantastic. O2 levels are constant and setup of medium is still soil over H2O. I am allowing algae buildup in base trays to see if it’s a feeder or a blocker. Still using GH and AN nutrients. My bill is unchanged with a fully operational 5k+wattage pull somehow. Honestly I’m quite happy about this. So with this being grow 4. I’ve fully integrated a fully operational mini lab. :sunglasses::+1:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::cool::cool::cool::cool::ballot_box_with_check:


After transplant to Gal. pot. MK looks weaker I’m going to sprinkle peroxide & root builder. Left it in sprout pot until she catches up. If all else fails the square bucket GSCx goes in her slot. So 8is enuff the rest are self explanatory. Once again ILGM genetics at its finest!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::woman_shrugging:t4::kissing_heart:




Occasionally a planty fails. Not sure what you meant in your last post. Nice tent. I usually let nature take it;s course and if plant comes back, I put more time into it. Hope this helps, lw :slight_smile:


So today I fed a little A.N., I did remove the MK ultra “I don’t think she’s gonna make it.” So now the line up by tray is:
Tray 1 Banner
Tray 2 Girl Scout (monster) & Bergman
Tray 3 Gorilla Glue & Skywalker
Tray 4 Cherry Pie
A few days & a few inches the girls seem to really like this place.

the 4K LED panels no flash-high red hue
Then regular 35w flood LED
Last same shot with flash ultraviolet craze. WOW!!:flushed:

Only 3 days from repotting. I am amazed. Man!!
I love :heart: ILGM genetics. These things should be labeled as 100% “fool proof”



New update,
fed the GH. They are doing great a little calMag to correct on 2 but overall very healthy the GSCx is a monster crop from seed. I’m very interested in seeing what happens to this plant. They soon will be getting their finale pot transplant when they hit 18”-24”.


Looks like a great set up! Good luck and enjoy


This is under regular true LED 70ALP=/35w2

This is my other small engineering project.


Both look like you have some great projects going. Good luck with them and enjoy both!