4 of a kind + wild card


I didn’t plan on SCROG, HOWEVER I BELIEVE I will be installing one. I’ve seen final results of SCROG. I am still perfecting the environment. I have had these plants all winter. They should be a lot larger but low temperatures of 63° have greatly slowed growth. I am now boosting nutrients to get stretch. My goal is to hit the 6’ range I need for indoor development. Its very hard to reach 6’ in a SCROG. I think I will try to set up when plants hit 4’ maybe to see if I get 2’ colas. Can some more experienced growers help or give me advice to achieve this?I know a SCROG will furthermore slow growth. My temps have finally hit low 70’s


Nights in tent temps are 61°. Lights on temps are 71-73°


Got my replacement seeds! Now I will be adding another Skywalker, 2 blackberries, GSCx clone, LA CON. Clone.6 more to keep grow going. Once 4 of a kind go into flower, others others should be at that halfway through veg. So when I harvest it should or I hope for 2 week differential from harvest to next flower. Or the true beginning of a continuous grow cycle.


Thanks I need encouragement because often I fear my temps are not optimal but I somehow find a way to get it to grow in cool environment.
What can I do about “Frack” BD Clone from a huge broken bud. It is trying but the clutter on undersides is vicious. It is all branching. The problem is because it is bud branches are super tight so leaf(single) coverage inhibited some light penetrating


So this is also Viktor7.
Having trouble getting into original acct. So I made this one too.
So here’s the story…
My tent is pumping a calm 79-81°@46%.⁴
I really got dreamy and put some return money into this.
So I messed around and purchased 2-
2kwLED. I WILL NOT DISCLOSE MANUFACTURING. I was battling cold temps for about a month. Recently conditions have improved vastly. I believe weather and barometric pressure also affects growth just like temp and humidity. The use if fans affect pressure in tents in a very minor way. I turned off 2 fans in my tent and just have intake running. No air is circulating. The plants right now can take on more feed because even though last feed was a mix organic plus fertilizer. I think I can dump another feeding of high N fertilizer. I’m still shooting for stretch in veg. Right now they are in a spread and I know its because LED strength is outstanding. PAR regions unknown but at 6’ 2-1kwLED is killing it. I can’t wait to see what 2k is gonna do. They should come in right at flower so I’m going to throw about 6k watts. The lumen levels already hit 40-150k+. So I’m looking to get around 600k lms. I hope the buds get so fat and heavy that entire plants weigh out at 8-9lbs each. That would be great! I think genetics paired with some experience can make this attainable.
I’ve completely lost my mind and ordered 3 of the mixpacks. 9 strains to drive me insane in the membranes!!!


FYI, ALSO the LEDs I purchase all have voltage values of 185-320 w. My son gave me the “225w LED” toy. I will use as sprout/clone light


Check out the new addition. Its not all that weak. Claims 225w, I will be watching the effects it has on “Frack”, cloneB

Also mom plant " String Bean" has a huge bud forming back into veg. And hopefully with a little support becomes an incredible monster. The original @Viktor7 or @CreatnGreenGrandMarnier will post new shots.

New shots: same 2 plants with lights on weaker spots of plants.


As you can see the 225w is focused solely on the sides of the weaker plants

“String Bean” mom plant in veg with targeted weak side towards light.
This is the light:


Operating with 3 fans
Humidity: 72%
Temp: 72°F
Barometric Pressure: 100%
Weather rain 68°
Collecting rain water for final vegetation feed.
Plants are still short.


Look at the newbie- Skywalker miracle
Growing fast got her on the pump.
The toy light is sitting on her reservoir tub.
In other news


:sunglasses:A few days ago i purchased 3 mixpacks & picked up a special On Gold Leaf!
Happy 420!!!:relieved:
I have always seemed to have trouble with that strain and im hoping full facility Capabilities Will get her going successfully.
So i was shooting for most effective high grade strains that have real impacts.
This is what is chose
*Top winner:
Heavy Hitters Pack
*2Nd place:
Baked Sweets
*3rd no less powerful:
Pop Culture
These packs have the taste and power i crave. Therefore the rest of my grows will be super. I will try to start doing Video, but again i am in an ignorant STATE. and am very reluctant until i see progress in equality fairness. and a state of mibd for all persons well being
I love Growing Marijuana.
Everywhere i go i always drop a seed hoping that it will sprout, grow, and flourish. To reclaim some aspect of being part of our natural habitat.thanks. for checking in on me
Lets grow together!!!


Out of likes @Viktor7 but I am consistently torn between a lot of the mix packs.


I am arranging next grow now. I have everything in place and now im off and running at full strength.
Cant wait until i get the next grow out the way because im doing one of each strain by sativa ,indica, heights, and flowering time.
I wont be topping anymore. Strictly HST/LST and supercropping. Next creation is to focus back on the Frankenstein and turn it into a germination/clone cycle room.
Im thinking upper and lower decks with sone type of heating element to boost regeneration and sprout times. Right now at atmosphere temps room runs cold slowing growth. That will be fixed with new lights coming room will pump amazing amount of light i have to get heavier feeding adjusted


Very cool! I feel like you do. I’m still in my current grow and I can’t wait to finish so I can start my next one. It’s funny you mention the pop culture mix pack. I actually just ordered that. It looked really good to me! I also had to pick up five seeds of the Gorilla Glue. I had that from a local dispensary in the past and I loved it. Dying to try that Bruce Banner from pop culture. Anyway have a nice morning everyone and happy growing.


So got 1 of 2 new 2k LED.
Here is tge new look of room

1 dont intend to run the 2k’s until They go into flower. A lot of red or yellow hue. Blue is detectable but i cant tell of much increase Besides area coverage
Run down of plants and what is done

These 3 are Blue Dream

La Con in front, GSCx behind


So basically its a waiting game now. The crew looks good. The “Skywalker Miracle is flourishing quickly to catch up with the others. When I get the mixpacks I’m dropping one of each strain. I’m only using LST method. Focusing on overall height & branching. Very curious about the big 5. They are on stretch 2 about 3 weeks prior to flip. Again I’m back at that vital point of final growth. I pumped some Flower Power to them just to get them jumping at proper environment. By then I should have about 36-42” on height. I’m going to defoliate all thoroughly, apply even more pressure by LST. and flip. Final results are expected yields of 8-11oz. Per plant. My winter will be comfortable. So I’m looking at

1.Blue Dream 19%
2.Gorilla Glue #4. 21%
3.Cherry Pie. 21%
4.Bruce Banner. 26%
5.Gold Leaf. 19%
6.Skywalker OG. 21%
7.Blackberry Kush. 20%
8.White Widow. 16%
9.Candy Kush. 18%
10.Mk Ultra. 19%
11. Black Widow. 19%
12. L.A. Confidential 16%
13. Girl Scout Cookies Ex. 24%

I truly believe I can grow all 13 strains at one time. All ILGM genetics!!!
I will leave it at this. You get what you pay for. I invested in the future and I had to promise wifey I’d chill. So I’m happy with 13 strains. I am going to store it all up squirrel like.


Yep got my memory back. LoL!!!


Okay here are a few shots of my Grow group A.
These plants are fairly old by growing standards.

This is the whole room.

And the lineup:
Mom: blue dream, String bean

She is in the middle
Clone: blue dream, Frick

Clone: blue dream, Frack

Seed: LA Confidential, Brat

Seed: Girl scout cookie extreme, Fan belt

Newbie, seed: skywalker OG,
Skywalker Miracle

As we can see they are doing well but growing slowly. I will try to boost growth when 2nd light comes in.
The goal is to have 36-40" plants. Wish me luck.


Best of luck and I know you will reach your goal :+1: :hugs:


In height or width, I do believe you will reach your goal :wink::sunglasses::green_heart: