4 in the floor, growing more this round


It’s up to you what you do try this month or next or both … @daz49


Cheers brother, so do you think I have a chance? I think so and I think it’s worth having a go and I’m proud of her


Sure you do, latewood might give it til tomorrow night you never know. Like I said you can always enter next month if he doesn’t allow it … I’ve seen people enter the same bud pic 3 -4 months with skipping a month or two . @daz49


Are you aloud to tag people on the post


If you put @ in front of their names it’s like your voting for them to win. @daz49


Oh ok then good to know lol I’m glad I asked now,I’ve put the 1 on that you recommended, so what happens if you win lol I don’t know


Yeah me too your get the hang of it @daz49


You will win free beans of your choice @daz49 go to your friends and tell them to check out your entry in the bom .


If you don’t see me around for the next few months you know where I’m at lol plus the holidays are hard for me to deal with but if that’s the case I’ll still check in from time to time … cross bar hotel is no joke I can’t smoke cigs in there … and I smoke them day and night. …


@bob31 is the white bugs something that just attack your plants or was they already in the soil ? If they was already in the soil I will throw away what’s left of it . Thanks


my aphids came from outside @Stonetothebone
i set my soil in the sun a few weeks before i bring it in.
ocean forest has been known to carry bugs though


The bugs I got from the ocean forest we’re soil gnats. Tiny little bugs like fruit flies


yea,that is what i was hearing…i left mine to bake in the sun for awhile after i heard this…lol
still have the soil in shed,i may try it this round…
i also purchased some green cleaner,i’ll give a report on it soon.
i still have a few here and there…


Thanks for the info, it’s still going to be next year for I give it ago again. I’m just restocking beans now , adding to what I have now … I don’t have any faith in these I have now, but I also don’t throw away any without giving them a try first … @BIGE @bob31


I’ve been quit for a week today lol it’s been rough, but I’m hanging in there …


I’m so sorry for what you are going through. But, like me, you’re stronger than you realize. As long as you are aware of that dark abyss you CAN avoid jumping into it! I struggle everyday to just maintain. I “try” to find at least one thing a day that’s a “positive” even if’s something as simple as watching a butterfly :butterfly:. Then I focus on the positive and count it as a blessing. I hope this helps you in some small way. :hugs:


Thanks @SmoknGranny I’m maintaining for now, with the help of valium … I was on them this a.m. or I wouldn’t have posted that … it’s hard at times to move past this, but hopefully I can without getting into trouble … But trouble finds me somehow, I don’t know why … I should’ve been born in old west time frame. . . Happy Growing .


Take it easy with the Valium. I’m speaking from experience :slight_smile:️ And it’s okay about your post. You CAN & WILL get through this!!! I’m trailing by so much bad luck dust that it’s hard to see the road ahead. But, I will give you all the support I can as others here have done for me :hugs:


I’ve been taking them for so long I have to take double, I don’t know how many I took the day I had to bury my son, but it was a lot … the whole bottle didn’t last me but 3 days, that’s the quickest I’ve taken them so far … I took 5 this morning I just woke up, that’s how I get past these times , drinking helps but that’s a double edge draggar for me I used to an alcoholic. . . Now part time drinker I was planning on doing some heavy drinking next month but don’t know if I should now. . .


Please please be careful. I’m not going to say a bunch of cliches but please know that I may not know you but that I DO care!