4 in the floor, growing more this round


Looks like another one is about to die,

I throw my hands up I give up don’t shoot hell load me up with lead …


Well got it down to 1 wire, the starter was bad . Wish that guy at the parts store would have let me bring it back up there that night instead of telling me it was the wiring, because it was clicking . It would have saved me a lot of money and time . I told him today he wasn’t as smart as he thought . Well I’m a serial killer now lol wait for it, another seedling has died on me NL auto rfl I’m going to medicate tonight for the last time this month so I’ll do 2 bowls lol. Hit it by 8:30 in the morning …


i hate this @Stonetothebone, things will get better brother!


Another 1bites the dust,

reckon I’m to cool for my plants to grow lol . It’s over for me, just waiting to see if it dies completely don’t know why. Taking pictures of tent to remember how it goes lol I’m kicking 50’s door in don’t remember stuff like that so good anymore. It’s been a blast guys and gals I’ll be around just not growing that’s no fun o well that’s how the apple falls sometimes. . .


If I go back to court want they add court costs to my case ? I would think so. Hell that’s what my p.o. is telling to do don’t pay my fines and go to court lol that’s a double edge sword …


What’s going on here @Stonetothebone
I didn’t read threw the whole thread but how many did you loose ??
Let’s figure out why this is happening bro ? That stinks
Let me know


Couldn’t get seeds to germ went through about 12, then got 2 to germ and got 2 germ then got white bugs . Just a run of bad luck, I treated the bugs with mighty wash it killed them hadn’t seen any in week or 2 . Thanks for checking CB . @Countryboyjvd1971


My tent is in the 70’s day and night got intake fan and filter on the outside and 1 inside to draw out heat .ac in room . They were doing fine then just died out of the blue.


The goldleaf is the 1 dieing now NL auto is the 1that died the other day.


Wow that’s strange temps are ok I run 78 lights on 65 off so your temps aren’t bad
What soil are you in ? @Stonetothebone


when starting seedlings I keep space warmer and leave fan off also a simple clear plastic cup works as humidity dome I also prefer peat pellets or rockwool I can keep better control of how wet they are and see roots which give me que they are ready to plant in soil or hydro :wink: As for temps I stay in the 70’s night and day placing them over a Ballast or my PC so root zone stays warm


Sorry been working on son car, finely got it fixed it was a tuff job but after 3 1/2 days it is fixed. . . Hydopenx flushed Good, and some organic soil @Countryboyjvd1971 goldleaf was in hydropenx


This stopped medicating suxs, I got drunk yesterday afternoon with my friend. Yeah I have a friend just 1 but that’s all I need really. He’s a great friend helps me anyway he can but I never told him about the grow, I smoked some with him but told him it came from my other friend out of town which is a schitty friend lol … Anyway I’m thinking that I should medicate even though I have a doctor’s appointment the same day I test again. 1 day of not medicating is good for me lol …


Maybe this was a good thing @Countryboyjvd1971 they are coming to inspect my wiring in the house in January hopefully might be before who knows . But they are coming inside and do a complete inspection light’s flicking sockets arching heating running constantly, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt . Bad taste but I’ll come back full speed, if I make it through November.


I pulled life support tonight, pulled it flushed down the sewer lol … Dam shame wish that it had worked out guess that wasn’t the plan … I’ll start packing it up tomorrow , taking tent down alsohopefully I can find boxes for my lights sure was wanting to use them all this round. Gonna be a tight job getting that tent down a bout 1/4 inch room between it the bed and the wall lol …


Dude hate seeing the trouble you’ve had , hope you can get back at it soon :sunglasses:


My dwc kit came Saturday, by regular mail lol came with everything but beans and nutes . Maybe I’ll give it a try someday, when I get some good meters . Car cranks like a dream so fast you don’t realize it !!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday, Happy Growing …


Might have just pucked up, a seed bank asked for a review and they didn’t like what I said yeah I went off big time on them. All they can do is put the law on me lol I’ll never learn … if I can’t get in touch with them on Sunday how can they get in touch with me on Sunday lol …


Might be a good idea for me to just quit for now before I mess myself up right here at the end … going to court the 9th to talk to judge about getting off probation, by not paying my fines lol … it’s what my p.o. told me to do so who knows. . . I’ve been pushing my luck ,now that they have the new test cups who knows how I will test . If I can only make myself quit is the problem I like it to much. I’ve quit for 15 yrs started back in 2015 quit for the first 6 months I was on probation found something that works in beating the test haven’t looked back since …


Them rotten MFS sold my granddaughter car I bought her for her birthday. Nobody could tell me where it was so go figure, I’m so mad I could chew steel and spit nails. He didn’t even know how close he was to getting his throat cut. I asked my son what he wanted me to do I’m waiting on sign got to go to the bar now, to ease my mood. I’ll get him in time bet that …