4 in the floor, growing more this round


Fixing to medicate on the last 2 bowls of amnesia haze lol , the blue amnesia went first then the green crack last month, now the amnesia haze love them all 3 …


Has anyone purchase the bitcon from the email, if so could you tell me the cent converse lol @BIGE @bob31 @Hogmaster


wish I could smoke hash I’d collect that …


I think the amnesia haze is some of the best, especially if aged … I think I’ll go to the casino tonight, get there by 1am they stop serving liquor and beer@ 2am all day Sunday no drinking beer and whiskey they use to but made the deal with the government to not to serve on Sunday … well I can get 8 drinks in an hour I’ll also get people around that don’t drink order me drinks showing how to do order lol I’m like that when the cut off is approach, but I’m way to medicate to drive now but by 12am I’m leaving … hate to even going try it after last time …


Hope that I’m not mad when I leave from there … lol been rough last 2 Times !!!


Good luck while your there ,maybe you’ll hit the jackpot :money_mouth_face:
I hope that you can get the tote thing to work, wouldn’t be civilized for them to cost you 2 harvest.
But on the other hand, if the outlets is arching when you plug stuff in,that could cause a fire and end up losing a lot more then sprouts.
Good luck bud


I have not but I think it is pretty straight forward and an easy way to get a discount on seeds!


i have made a purse but have not used it yet…
my next seed purchase will be with bitcoin though @Stonetothebone
i will keep you posted


@bob31 the name of the blue 1 is salvia the red 1 I have no idea, the flowers you asked what they were. . . I lost 2 hundred and cried all the way back home @Nug-bug @BIGE I’m going to quit going for a few months! ! ! A poor man can’t afford that, I’m sick to my stomach, use to go win 400 r so but not anymore lol …


Yep @Nug-bug that’s why I gotta it fixed my tent is in that room, I got a lot of stuff plugged in to it I don’t want to be without a place to live lol … The light in that room also blinks off and on when it’s turned on at some point all of them blinks, but my luck they want do a thing while they are here …


I got the tote this morning lol …


I sure hope that I can find out when they are coming before I scrape this grow … Just the thought of someone coming in and seeing that tent sends chills through me, I don’t scare easily but some things wreck my nerves … “PARANOID”


@BIGE you put the jinks on me, had to change starter on my son’s car today in the cable company parking lot lol … But when I got through it just clicked, I called the parts store where I bought it, they said it wasn’t getting enough power to it … WTH does that mean, I’m going to put it on charger in the morning and see what happens lol … I feel like I’ve been shot at missed schitt at and hit …


Well it’s time to start again , gonna see if I can figure this out … I don’t have the energy to mess with it all day but I will lol … HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Countryboyjvd1971 HOPE IT’S A GOOD ONE !!!


@Stonetothebone long time bro
Thanks fir the kind words have a good to as well my friend
I’m at work so I’ll make the best of it haha


to much light, to much heat or something else … I hooked the charger up and showed dead but light’s come on so we will see @bob31 @BIGE NL auto …


I think she’s dieing, sure is looking pitiful. @Niala what you think? ? ?


This car is whooping my azz lol, I’ve never dealt with wiring sure is something … I’ve been replacing wires all day now got it down to my positive side on fuse box the battery positive terminal all day long even in the rain …


Hey! Hi ! @Stonetothebone :grinning: Long time no talk, buddy :wink:

I see that your little one have a little problem…

First thing I see is I am not a big fan of bark mulch, they are usally too acid… Bark mulch have a pH of around 4.5 to 5…

It may well be the problem here my friend , your little sprout have it’s roots very near the surface , so, even if your runoff is ok, your little one may have to struggle with low pH at the surface, if you can, just gently pull out the bark mulch and water at pH you give her usually, it may help her…

And keep the moral my friend with your wireing thing, lol :wink: :innocent:


Thanks @Niala , I flush that soil real good before planting in it I’ll get as much out as I can . Had white bugs treated it by mighty wash @garrigan65 suggest it if you don’t want to make the hot spray lol … Yeah I’m going off the rails didn’t even want to medicate last night but made myself tonight . Goldleaf looks like it’s got nute burn