4 in the floor, growing more this round


I can grow some stuff lol

The last 1 has about reached the end of bloom cycle, found out today that someone is coming to inspect the inside of my house dam shit, said they would call before they came … I guess I’ll load up plants in totes and carry them to mom’s house take tent down pack it away …


whats in the second and third pics? @Stonetothebone


Tell the truth @bob31, I can’t remember I’ll check and see if the tag is still there when I go back …


Somebody went and threw a bunch of stuff away I’m gonna have a talk with the ex about it, I’ve been taking care of his grave for 23 months then someone decided to go clean up I guess, time to clean their azz up …


Guess I’ll have to put a trail cam up, if I could find something that I could watch it from home it would be up tomorrow …


Time to medicate lol it want even be a month before I go back, if they don’t get me this time … whole new system like they was using here til everyone got to complaining about the missed reading being false … Now they send it off to be tested, they bust your door open between 2am and 5am here …


I’d be surprised if the tag is still there @bob31 they came in a package 20 cents per pack … Now the rose bush was already a seedling planted in mid april bloomed on father’s day … I gave it some mj nutes .


Like this @bob31


Well I’ve just about decided that the best thing to do is just end this grow, I don’t want to be don’t have any other choice … Went through hell to get these 2 goldleaf , northern lights auto but I’ll get pictures to night … If I’m going to end it no use in waiting, but still floating an idea around the top of my head … @bob31 @BIGE


hate to hear this @Stonetothebone


Dude I just found this one again, hopefully you can work something out. :+1:


goldleaf, northern lights auto I want be losing just 2 sprouts, I’ll be losing 2 harvest that I need. . . But gonna try something , I’m trying to pinpoint when they are coming cause I’m going to have to take my tent down pack it up cause my grow room is the place where the light blinks on and off plugins arch each time I plug something into them … @BIGE @Nug-bug @bob31


when they’re that small you could put into a cabinet somewhere out of the way…


Yeah I was thinking a tote or something, put in vehicle … my main problem is not knowing when they are coming … @BIGE


i hear you,tel them you are going to therapy or something and need to know when they coming…lol
you want to be there


Plus I’ll be in dark cycle when they do come, tote should block out light … @BIGE


heck yea a tote will do it!


I tried to get in touch with lady that’s over it Friday lol , but didn’t get to talk with her I’m going to stay on it … she told me this the other day they would call before they came shcitt I have to take tent down pack it away cutting it close I’ll think I’ll tell them I want be home for a couple hours … @BIGE this is something I got to get done unfortunately …


I’m going to get a big tote think I should paint it white, cause I’m getting a dark 1 my concern is temps , drill holes in it also but gotta make sure it’s not seen going out coming back in also while they are here … people be like hey do you want to sell that truck is there any 4sales signs on it … @BIGE


Them sprouts looks ok to you guys, they was stretching a little so I lowered the light the other night looking like maybe a little light burn @ 18 in was @ 24 in 600 w