4 in the floor, growing more this round


Got the 600 w out for the 4 pots and a cup, 300 w focus on the goldleaf … @BIGE @bob31


Just having shit luck, none of the rest sprouted … Dropped 3 more autos choc-matic, BlackBerry, Lsd25 … Now if these don’t sprout I give up, dropped straight in the floor no soaking… I’ll spend my time on the goldleaf, lol I cuss out the chicken head this morning she deserved it …←→↑↓:smile:


You can only use someone to a point, she reached that point this morning lol , it felt so good to tell her a few things … Now I bet she’s back by Thursday !!! If not tomorrow, don’t go away mad just go away …


don’t let the door hit you in the @ss lol
hate your having to deal with drama @Stonetothebone


Got 2 sprouts I’m trying to save,

this 1 from yesterday and this 1 today … My light meter goldleaf … I just dug around in the pots, found them just laying there don’t know why they didn’t grow up … got Blue Amnesia in soak …


Put a little dirt over the second 1, the hull was still on it … So hopefully I’ll get a decent grow, if all makes it lol …


yea,i hope they put out some monster buds!! lol


Me too @BIGE , then we all can be cheifing … if there’s any unconvinced people about the stuff I use for testing, I medicated 3 loud blunts the night before I took the test this month …


blue amnesia and something lol autos …


I’m thinking about buying dwc bucket and kit, is it harder to grow in dwc ? @ktreez420 @Donaldj @anybody


Well I went ahead and bought it see if anything comes of it… probably just catch dust lol …


lmao they are fun to grow in just need good meters and nutrients the rest is simple with those 2 bases covered




, northern light auto, blue amnesia auto I’m putting in the floor tonight be soaking for 72hrs


Nice, getting the fall crops started! Looking good, brother!


It’s been a long journey @bob31, still not through but looking good brother …


I just hope they grow into seedlings and monsters lol @bob31 . I’m planning on moving that goldleaf to the back and autos to front might even throw in scrog lol … just over the goldleaf might take half of tent …


@Majiktoker sorry about your accident, the late response … That’s how my right tumb, index finger is no feeling don’t work right … When I roll it comes out really tight on the right end lol, so I light that end hope you make a complete recovery … SORRY !!!


Well last month was my son’s birthday the day before my test, he’s 24 now … He was 22 yrs 2months and 2 days old when he got killed to many 2’s , I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for him … It was his idea, so I checked into it and found this site but to late for him to enjoy it kinda feeling guilty about it … RIP SON BE WITH YOU SOON !!!


Well hope I got’em again, it was a mess there today had to tell them I was gonna use the corner for bathroom lol … They had the nerve to tell me if they wouldn’t let me use that bathroom I could go across the street, I shut that shit down quick as it came outta her mouth … I said it would take me 30 mins to get across the street and to the court house, if they wasn’t ready to test me than they could let me use the bathroom cause I wasn’t going to use it on myself, I’d use the corner and tell the judge the whole truth … They got me next I was standing at the door lol …