4 in the floor, growing more this round


I’m growing gold leaf and it has been mostly hands off @Stonetothebone @BIGE she grew faster than I expected for an indica dominant. Mine grew like a weed! She’s flowering now.


we’re getting good at growing weeds @bob31 lol


Excellent! Now it’s my turn! Outta likes! @BIGE


gotcha covered now bob! lol


Yeah I seen that @bob31, Good grow …


Yep they are as hands on as you want to be. 5 gallon pot and water every other day or so. They drink a lot!

I will update my journal soon and include some new pics of the gl!


I got it in a 5 gal fabric pot water on hand lol @bob31


I took my knife peeled that hull right off

what’s up with these hulls


Dropped a northern lights auto tonight @ 7 see how that goes lol … @bob31 @BIGE


@Stonetothebone check out my thread ‘‘movin on up like george and wheezie’’’ to see one plant i had on flower feul…amnesia haze auto,i had to take a bit early but impressive to say the least…lol
i’m thinking that is one of my better purchases…lol


my grow room @ 2 pm lol … This is the window, ac …


@BIGE that amnesia haze was quite awesome, that flower fuel is a winner … I really like it in my grow … Now getting another one, is like a dream or nightmare …


I medicated on some Reggie today that I swore was loud … Wish I could get a couple of them beans, knocked me out when I woke up didn’t know if it was day or night …


yea,i had to go down and get some reganoldo yesterday…lol
i’ve got to either become more efficient or grow more plants…lol



They’re really good! I remember when you recommended them to me last winter. Great tunes! @Stonetothebone


Yeah I’ve been listening to them ever since I posted it lol … @bob31


I listened to 5 or 6 of their songs again last night. Good stuff!


After I posted that, I listen to them for a hour lol … @bob31


, , , , goldleaf is the only one I’m working with for now , don’t have much expect for these … Except for the northern lights auto …