4 in the floor, growing more this round


@bob31 I went back and tried to find it but couldn’t, I found some fruit seed saying to use that method I guess that is what I was looking at lol my mind has been all over the place except in my head … sorry for the confusion, but what works for 1 type of seed should work for another not always true when it comes to mj … I’m just going to stick with the tried and true method when the time comes … @BIGE


I have not i do place mine in damp towel in a plastic baggy bot sealed to hold moisture


Hey @bob31 I watched a doctomenty on BlackBerry Smoke the other day, the bass player and drummer are brothers . Them and their dad owns a paint body shop somewhere in Alabama, going to see if I can locate it … I decided that I would pass on truck, I went check out a new 1 the mpg suxs … I got my eye on a altima now


I drive a Tacoma 4 dr short bed sr5. I like the truck alot and it’s made in the US @Stonetothebone

and thats cool about BB Smoke. If they post any new videos, let me know!


I hate trying to post a video, it comes up as deleted .



I just copy the link right from the internet address! @Stonetothebone


Good Tune!



How you doing this evening @SmoknGranny?


Tired and sore. Friday’s are my running days until winter weather dictates otherwise. And I barely slept last night. So physically not so good, mentally/emotionally a pretty good day. My special thing for the day is “Itty Bitty”


I’ve been concerned about you and all you have been through lately. So please know that you’re in my prayers and thoughts. :hugs::heart:


I’m hanging in there getting by the best I can, Thank you. Your also in mine, I don’t ask God for myself but I still ask for others who are going through though times … Does that make any sense, I think God left me 2 yrs 9 days ago … @SmoknGranny


We are two peas in a pod but a Higher Power has kept us both going so we can support each other here and elsewhere. :hugs:


I’m not going to lie about it, I was thinking about trying meth on my adventure coming up … Till I just read about the affects of it, I’m not sure that 3 blood pressure pills would work with that shit … I’ll rather die from drinking than that, usually 2 blood pressure pills keeps my pressure in check while I’m drinking … I might take both kinds I have cause I’m planning on staying drunk for 2 days and nights in a row lol I’ll be as drunk as 10 of us …


I’m thinking about ordering me a cane that has a sword in it, for the ones who might try to rob the old drunk guy … Gave son’s car a good cleaning yesterday, I know I’ll have to touch it up before I leave, got new headlights for it on the way it’s been needing them for a while now … I’m thinking about leaving a day earlier to see what I can find there, probably just get into trouble it has a way finding me … I really want to locate that bar that Jamey Johnson sings about in the rules of the bar lol he said it was between Montgomery and Prattville I’m going to stay in …


did you really think it was about finding a bar, but for revenge I would risk my freedom, everything …


Just checking to see how you are? :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:


Hey bud haven’t heard from you in a while, hope everything is OK.
Check in sometime brother. @Stonetothebone


ditto @Stonetothebone, where you at?