4 in the floor, growing more this round




Took a few times to get the video link right, but I got it. . .


Hey brother just been reading your thread. Ok I know you are going thru some rough times… they do tend to get a little easier. It’s been 17 years sence I lost my sister in a car wreck in feburary then my daughter in October and my grandfather thanks giving weekend. It was a rough couple of years lots of drugs lots of drugs. But 17 years later the only thing I still get real upset over is the day my daughter died but life goes on and I have other kids to care for


Yeah it’s been a living hell for me, if you’ve been reading then you know that was my only child … I moving but very slowly, my brother 7 months before God must think I have a back of steel … I got to drown these evil spirits in me before they consume me, it’s either them or me I’m going away in December to do that when I come back I’m either going to be able to control them or I’ll be under there control… IT is what it is I didn’t ask to be this way life turned me this way … I get head crazy when I think about how much my son is missing out on in life … @sirsmokes


Thanks for the kind words and incouragement @Sirsmokes


Sorry for your lost @Sirsmokes


Sorry for your loss as well, and you are correct life has a way of chewing you up and spitting you out. I know how you feel I felt the same. Everything you say has hit home with me. There for a while I was my own worst enemy. Did so many drugs I’m suprised I’m still here. I disn’t care about anything… in and out of jail it honestly took my about 5 years to get over it and eBen after that I hated October for a while then it became the week she passed. And it’s nothing I could control. I wouldn’t even be aware of the date but it still took over. Thankfully after 17 years this is the first year I can remember I didn’t crash in October



Here’s something that might brighten your day!

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Has anyone ever used cling wrap to germ ? It’s something I read about sounds easy, but what do I know … IT said to cover your pot with it like a green house, after watering then in a week or two bang sprouts. I’m stuck on using water and paper towels lol don’t like trying new ways … @bob31 @BIGE @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


i have never used cling wrap,but i may put my towel into a plastic bag next round…
last time i germed some seeds they almost dried out to much!


I have also done like what @BIGE described and I do put zip lock baggies over my glasses of water that my seeds are germinating in. So similar to that I guess @Stonetothebone


It will be awhile before I start another grow if I ever do 1 again, just in case I trying to find out about this method lol it’s been hard as hell staying quite …


where did you see it?


Youtu** …


This said to put beans in dirt water and put cling wrap on low light to start with . I got a grow light I’m planning on using on my sprouts next round if there’s one , it’s only 25 w …


its ok to post youtube links


Did you know that if you are on paper that the dea, law, p.o. are all could come in your house and search it anytime of the day or night up to 1 yr after you get off of paper … I just found that 1 yr after you get off last week, I knew they could while you was ON but not off …


@Stonetothebone I know around here the po’s make house visits while on probation, but not after. Once they are off they are off at least in MA


Well I’m going to cross 2 state lines without telling them lol, I’m going to find that bar that Jamey sings about in the rules of the bar next month …


They have only been to my house 1 time about 7 yrs ag
o … hopefully they will not come back no time soon @bob31 or never I always said don’t make plans I’m breaking my own rules … I was talking with someone else who was on paper he told me that they came to his house after he was off and they told him that they could come up to 1 yr after he was off …