4 in the floor, growing more this round


It will be January or February before I find out about the house, the landlord messed me up today had a guy come and pressure wash my house, it was peeling bad paint came off so new paint next week. The loan I’m trying to get goes by what conditions your current house is in, I took pictures of it before and after showing the rotten wood hope they don’t replace it . It been a rough day for me . @SmoknGranny


No health insurance so this is pretty much what keeps me going. Truck also needs 4 new tires and battery and Lord knows what else. My 10 year old Yukon is a tank which I love. However 14 mpg isn’t so good when you live rural. I don’t want to be dependent on others so I’m hoping to find a little putt putt car as backup. Thankfully, I have a good honest mechanic to help me make a decision.
Work on getting a house but stay in budget. I’m struggling to keep ours. But I will do all in my power to keep a roof over our heads.
Ya just gotta take one step at a time and sometimes it’s baby steps :grinning:. I have added to that to try to find something good in life every day. Today it was a beautiful long haired cat which is the size of a small kitten. I wish I had taken a picture of her to share. :neutral_face:


We have so much in common @SmoknGranny , my old dodge gets about 10 miles to the gal. It needs 2 tires with no spare so it spends most of it’s time parked, my son’s car needs 1 tire and multiple struts , inner tire rods I keep driving it with him as my co-pilot …






It’s been a blast you’ll but this isn’t the month to try me …


Suxs not having no insurance @SmoknGranny


I’m waiting to see if I’m going to get kicked off here … @SmoknGranny


The world is full of puks, it going to be real hard for them in the real world … I hope they make it without anybody taking everything they have …


I can’t bring myself to say anymore, I think he just wet himself


Somebody tell me a good joke it’s been to long since I had a good laugh …


Ya know, in my younger days I was a pretty good bartender except for one thing … I couldn’t tell a good joke!!! I always forget the punchlines :grimacing:
I’m at the point where it seems like everything around me (plus ME) needs repair or keeps breaking down. I’ve always been pretty self-reliant so it tears me up having to ask anyone for help. And, now, not having the funds to take care of things sure doesn’t help.
ILGM is both a blessing and a curse. I’m learning so much and now looking forward to my first independent grow this coming spring. :grinning: But, I’m also dreading it if I need advice as it’s always “$$”, buy this , buy that, etc. when all I can do is the best with what I have.





Thanks for sharing. I’m sending you warm thoughts and prayers :hugs:.




they cannot figure out how to tax something a citizen can grow on their own land…


My life has been a living mess this week, going through what I’m going through … It wouldn’t been complete without more bad luck went to court yesterday, didn’t get the same judge I had the first time … he sent me to pay off my fines while he made his decision, I’m still on paper but the lawyer said I didn’t have to pay anymore just report I’m sure that includes tests I know that ain’t gonna fly with p.o. He told to get them to get intouch with my first judge recommended I be took off paper or put on unsupervised … I’m going to do that my self I’ll ask them if they want to add anything to it …