4 in the floor, growing more this round


Bleach and water. Like a 1/2 cup to a gallon more or less. Depends on what Im cleaning. If it is mold I use more. If it is general cleaning i use a couple tablespoons to a quart for spray.


Thanks @bob31 I wasn’t sure how much bleach to use, I’m just giving it a good cleaning before I take it down completely . Today is the day it’s been a hull long enough lol …




Yeah, it’s still hard to believe! @Stonetothebone


Well tomorrow is the first of a few big days for me this month, gonna try to catch some z’s but don’t expect any I’ll probably wind up sleepless and hungover tomorrow. . . But that a good thing I can go to sleep easily if it all goes south lol, naw sleep don’t come easily in there well I’ve beat them so far maybe I can 1 more time … cheers :slight_smile:


3 hrs of sleep is more than I expected lol …


Well I got the shock of a lifetime today, a woman gave me my test:-) I must have made a hell of a impression on her too … She seened me instead of my p.o. , when she told me my next reporting date I asked if I could come another day she sure you can sweety how about the 13 th I that would be better … thanks for being so kind lol , I almost hit the floor when I asked if I could turn my back to her and she said yes I can still I’m not going to tell you that it might mess you up I said yeah the mirrors right … she said you already know then … FREAKS AT THE P.O. @bob31 @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug They were making sure you passed the test before you seen your p.o. today getting really tight down there … HOPEFULLY THAT WAS MY LAST TIME …


what you all think about this 18000 2011 model 102000 + plus miles needs front end work trans fluid smelt burt old oil half qt low minor dents and scratches had hot and negative wire twisted together on back end of truck I’m thinking more around 12000 to 14000 @bob31 @Majiktoker @BIGE


I like the chevys. I agree, i think my top would be 15000 @Stonetothebone

whoops… misread the mileage

My top would be 13


Inwould start a little lower my self truck looks nice but needing front ends work and the high mileage i would start at 12000-13000 and woek them lol
Front end work can get expensive


Yeah I know, also 1 of the rims on other side most of the paint is gone like they got stuck and kept spinning if they still have it when I go back I’m wearing my not so good clothes, get under i from end to end. @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Good idea
Start low and see where you wind up
I love my Tahoe chevy make a solid truck but like anything if not taken care of they will fall apart
Good luck @Stonetothebone
Take it fir a shake diwn run as well


I go to court the 9th so I’ll just carry extra clothes with me. Either way if I get it I’m not given 18000 for it


Yeah I give hell of test drive, when I get gt mustang the guy kept grabbing the dashboard lol .


You all have a good day maybe I will to … Good advice …


Why don’t we all have a great day! @Stonetothebone


How was your day @SmoknGranny ?


Well after looking at steps for the truck I’m having second thoughts on it … plus it probably doesn’t get good mpg, but I’ve got to get something … hate buying 1 then a few months later having to replace the motor that’s been my luck the last time I bought 1… It’s on the 3rd motor lol . I’m still going to check it out though. . .


Thanks for asking my friend. I finally got to town after 14 long days. Came home tired and sore. I’m on my second bowl of WW & just now starting to feel better. :grinning:
I’m going to be looking at a backup vehicle once I get hubby’s old truck sold. Engine is shot and will cost more than it’s worth. I have my fingers crossed for you on the truck :hugs:


Your as bad as me, except you get to smoke lol . Hate that about your hubbys truck, I’m not sold on it yet I’m still looking to get a house first just been keeping my eye on it for the last couple of months it will probably go to auction before I make my mind up about it … @SmoknGranny