4 in the floor, growing more this round


You can say whatever you feel like, I heard it before I may need to hear it again … But once I set my mind up it’s hard to change it I’ll take all the help I can get in doing it


It ain’t the cigs it ain’t the whiskey it ain’t the all nights that killings me it you I can’t wash off my mind . . .


We are all here for you @Stonetothebone. This place is full of great listeners if all you want to do is say what’s on your mind we don’t mind at all. Please take it easy and know we all care. :hugs:


The death of my son is just around the corner, and with all the other schitt I got myself into is coming before it and right after it … so I don’t think I can pull it off without getting myself in deeper schitt … They don’t like it when you come to court drunk high or hungover …


Drug test before it, they have new cups now and if it shows dirty they lab test it . Up here it showed dirty even if you where clean. People got to complaining about it and they went to sending it off to be lab tested. That’s why I quit smoking not soon enough but still I can pass it …


I wish I had the words to help you. Like I said, no cliches. We all have to fight our way through the darkness but NOT alone. Without the folks here, I couldn’t have made it the past couple of months since my sister died. My brother died last December and I I’m still trying to come to terms with both. I’m so grateful for the ILGM community as every day something or someone here helps the pain go away for a few moments. I have you in my thoughts and prayers :hugs:


Yeah I know how it feels, I lost my brother to cancer. 7 months later lost my son to a car wreck , I’ll keep you in my prayers also, @SmoknGranny hopefully you can come to terms with it all … I think it’s gonna be awhile before I do, I thought I had come a little further than I am . But nobody can tell you how long to grieve, but some try to …


You’ll have to enter next month @daz49 they cut it off a couple ahead of you . Said to enter next month good luck bro …


Ok cheers bro,enter early for next month ,thanks for telling me


Latewood will tell when you can enter. Just keep checking it … @daz49


Ok then bro, I think @Willd had me beat anyway he had a beautiful bounty And a Friend Lol


Yeah they’re voting for him now he’s in the lead right off the bat lol … @daz49


I knew ,rather, we all knew when @Willd’s harvest came in, that he was going to have some beautiful flowers, he put in a heck of a lot of hard work, so he deserves all his rewards, he taught me most of what I know


You are right. I’m still grieving. Some days are better sometimes not too good. We each find our way through our own ways and time. Little things little memories can either make us sad or smile … I think you know what I mean there. I truly appreciate your prayers and know I’m here for you :hugs:


Well I’m planning my future so hopefully everything works out, I’m planning on living to be a 100 … Now I remember why I divorce my ex, fixing to break that shit up just around Xmas gonna bring the law into this … If they sold that car I bought my granddaughter they are going to pay me 350.00 sorry as puck, not worth the salt it takes to feed them … sorry man don’t work cause he says it to hot , he doesn’t work cause he doesn’t want to … That’s mighty low selling that baby’s car for cigs and beer makes me want to catch another case might still when it comes down … Nobody could tell me where it was last week, I sure hope I’m wrong for my sake …


Got letter from clerks office today saying they was giving me more time to pay my fines off … Only thing is it’s the same time as always, the only thing different is the court room … They know what I’m going to do, I spoke with them about it and the lady told me court room B, this says court room A … So I believe that is the only reason they sent it, I paid last month so I’m not behind … I’m carrying my recipe to court …



I don’t even care anymore, I quit caring 3 days ago I’m going to live to be a 100 no matter where I’m at …


I hate waking up after a bad dream, can’t go back to sleep been up since little after 11 p … I knew I shouldn’t have drinked them 2 tall boy’s last night


@bob31 you use just bleach or bleach and water to clean tent with ?