4 in the floor, growing more this round


Soaking in paper towels, 2 blueberry auto, 1 amnesia haze auto, 1 afgooey photo … Gonna be interesting to see what that afgooey does


it might be your next favorite @Stonetothebone


Afghan goo is a strong indica hybrid. Couch lock!!


This is afgooey, I’ll have to look it up … @bruinsfan33


Yeah it’s from the Afghan strain @bruinsfan33


Same strain different nicknames. Mostly Afghan indica which means will be pretty resistant. The sativa is of a tropical mix. Will do great in sun.


If it sprouts I’ll be happy, someone tried last year with no luck… So it’s a iffy hopefully it will grow for me … @bruinsfan33


Got some tails, don’t know how many but putting them in the floor tonight

just waiting …


Well none was long enough for planting:frowning:, try it again tomorrow night… Giving this a try this round


This is the hardest time I’ve had getting beans to grow tails, I’ve soaked them for 24 hrs got little tails on most … but will not grow anymore so I put them back in water this a.m. hopefully this will do it … I still have hope for them :wink:


All I wanted was some CORNBREAD MFS …



Well the plan has changed, soaking blueberry auto, dream catcher, amnesia haze last 1, afgooey … couldn’t get the others to germ oh well …


Well went ahead and dropped 4 in the floor, 2 had small tails … I put some mykos in with them hope I get something lol … GROWING HOPE :wink:


I got a sprout, going to have to go back and see what it is. . . Hope does grow lol … Still has the hull on it, I’m not messing with it … Still haven’t given up on the others … HOPE !!!


sprout 1 sprout 2 HOPE sure looks good, especially 2 … narco purps auto is 2, I think 1 is master kush


awesome @Stonetothebone i want to see some purple!!!lol


Well went ahead done what I said I wasn’t going to, got a pair of needle nose took the hull off … Lost 1 leaf, I knew better than mess with it … But that thing was still sealed, I figured it would choke it dead …


Me too @BIGE lol


Well found out that 1 is money maker a photo, I’m going to have to move it into the full pot … I think tomorrow would be good …