4 ILGM Strain Grow


Hello all, here’s what is going on in Mickys garden…California Dream, Chocolope, Purple Haze, and Blue Dream, all from seeds started on 8-7. I used rapid rooters and clone x (1ml/gal) on them for the 1st few weeks ( not sure I needed the clone x but it didnt seem to hurt). The Cali Dream shot up first, followed by the Chocolope. The other two didnt make it (one had a tap root with no leaves, the other had leaves but no tap root lmao. So the next 2 PH and BD made it fine. They are all in Canna Coco, 3 gal Aurora fabric pots in a 5x5 tent. Sun systems 6" hood with 400w Ultra Sun Metal Halide lamp. Light is about 18" off the tops. The 2 older plants are getting 3ml Bio Bizz Bio Grow, 2ml Botanicare Cal-Mag +, 2.5ml Liquid Karma, and 1.1 Roots Excelurator Gold (all measurements per 1 gallon). Last feeding was 326ppm and 5.8ph.
45% humidity, 78°F. Water is R/O. The younger 2 got the same nutes, only less of everything for 254ppm and 5.8ph. I should also add that I used Xtreme Gardening Mykos and Azos when I transplanted from the smaller plastic pots to the 3 gal ones. I think that’s about it! First Coco grow, I used the Sunshine Mix 4 on the first grow (Blue Dream) so this is a new venture.

Cali Dream on the left, Chocolope on the right.
PurplePurple Haze left, Blue Dream right.


These look great and your set up is slick. Good luck with the grow. How many grows do you have under your belt??


Thanks @Familyman! This is my 2nd grow. First in Coco.


I’m only on my first grow myself.


Watching n the girls look great. Good luck n welcome to ILGM (i think lol)


Hell yeah, this looks like a “textbook” grow setup, well done :+1:


Looks great . Nice clean set up .


I’m close to 400ppm with the last feeding, and they are growing like “weeds” :joy::joy:


Hers an update…gave the Chocolope (left) and Cali Dream a haircut. The Chocolope fan leaves are HUGE lol.


stems are fattening up nicely…I’m trying General Hydroponics Armor Si silica.


Purple Haze left, Blue Dream right. Just starting their 4th internode. Topping soon.


Hey bro how good was that blue dream from your first harvest to smoke?


@Kiwiknight it’s really good. It cured really nice and everyone loves it. Couldnt be happier with it.