4 Girls, Autopots and Me



Thanks man. i was just talking the other day with the hydro store owner about how I take things too far…

Here’s the VPD break down of my tent over the last 48 hours.

Still trying to figure out how to use it :slight_smile:

My tent appears to run kind of hot (70F in dark/81F with lights). I don’t want to A/C or dehumidify the room my tent is in (much larger room). Trying to solve this in the tent. I’m hoping a small dehumidifer thats in the mail will bring the RH closer to 60% to guard against mold and rot. At 60%, the high temps should be put me in the sweet spot. And then I don’t need an AC.


It begins… heeheehe…

My favorite dispensary just got shut down too (and prices everywhere are still kinda crazy here). I need this grow more than ever now :blush:


Looks great, she’ll stretch more but that looks awesome, best, best!!


They looking good! Seems like that RO did the trick!!


Omg… RO made a huge difference. I feel so stupid for mishearing what the hydrostore guy probably told me. Our water sucks for growing… Just another learning point here.

Dreaming about my second grow already