4 Girls, Autopots and Me



Thanks man. i was just talking the other day with the hydro store owner about how I take things too far…

Here’s the VPD break down of my tent over the last 48 hours.

Still trying to figure out how to use it :slight_smile:

My tent appears to run kind of hot (70F in dark/81F with lights). I don’t want to A/C or dehumidify the room my tent is in (much larger room). Trying to solve this in the tent. I’m hoping a small dehumidifer thats in the mail will bring the RH closer to 60% to guard against mold and rot. At 60%, the high temps should be put me in the sweet spot. And then I don’t need an AC.


It begins… heeheehe…

My favorite dispensary just got shut down too (and prices everywhere are still kinda crazy here). I need this grow more than ever now :blush:


Looks great, she’ll stretch more but that looks awesome, best, best!!


They looking good! Seems like that RO did the trick!!


Omg… RO made a huge difference. I feel so stupid for mishearing what the hydrostore guy probably told me. Our water sucks for growing… Just another learning point here.

Dreaming about my second grow already


F19. I think my GG (bottom-left corner) has almost too many nutes and the other 3 could use more.

My Gold Leaf (bottom-right) is also way stunted compared to the others. She started out strong, and GG was the weakest and now its reversed. She does take a little longer to flower, but her and Blue dream have significantly less growth compared to the other two.

I’m thinking about maybe getting a second reservoir and growing two strains at a time, one res per strain. Then again I’m thinking of a lot of things…


Regardless of the details, you’ve got a tent full of flower that’s going to make you proud!!!


yeah… I’m pretty excited to see how this finishes.

i’m becoming pretty addicted to growing these girls… just love checking on them in the morning before lights out


F36. Things are going good. I learned that I need more fan power on the canopy. Next grow should be that much better.

Now I am trying to decided how to dry these girls. Est. harvest date is around xmas. Thinking about getting a 2x2 tent for semi-perpetual grow for vegging and drying.


Looks gorgeous @stale the epitome of healthy plants right there!!!


Amazing man!


This forum software doesn’t send my notifications any more and screws up my view so I can’t follow others. Don’t know why my account is messed up. But I wanted to follow up on my grow,

I grew ~22oz total. Plus 20g of hash from the trim/larf. The Blue Dream blew me away with the volume of large colas. Gold Leaf was my poorest performer for some reason. I think I stunted her, but I am growing two more as we speak.

I’ve only sampled MK (very nice body buzz), and GG (nice and euphoric). I’m pretty excited. More pot than I need and just started grow #2.

Note: I made these labels for myself, but I think ILGM is missing out by not sending stickers for our bottles with our orders. Their logos and designs are pretty fucking sweet…

Now I need a better forum

I made a journal here



Very nice harvest and nicely displayed!! Congrats!!