4 Girls, Autopots and Me



No experience with the nats but the plants look good overall @stale


Either the AutoPots are working or my girls have tapeworms. I figure they drank about 1.5G in 6 days since I turned them on. One thing I don’t like about the res is that I cant quickly see the water level.

Also, I topped three of my girls and all are looking healthy now.

My GG is way smaller than the others. I’m not going to top her and hope she can catch up to the others as they go wide.


Day 37. My girls appear to be drinking about an 1" of water a day out of the res. They looked pale for the last few days but this morning I thought they looked more green and healthier.

I’m wondering if I can top again now on those two new main branches. Its been 10 days since first topping. I’m not sure how many tops to aim for. I want a good yield and am patient… but not too patient

MkUltra: is growing strong. Nice growth where I topped

Gold Leaf is doing great

Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue: This is the runt. No topping or training yet with her. only now catching up in height. Still has not grown to the width of the pots though.


Just doing a little math…

I have two 315 LEC lights, an air pump, an oscillating fan, and the 6" exhaust fan all connected to the same circuit. Combined they pull ~450W (according to my kill-a-watt). My Circuit should be able to handle 1800W (15A) so I am well below that. For some reason I thought it would be worse.

Rates here in California are ~27c at the base tier. So running this setup should cost me around $70/mo in electricity (we have solar so its really free now). Not too bad at all.

First Grow, Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue #4

hey @screwauger and @blasting, do your reservoirs increase ph over night?

Over 24 hrs I notice adrift from 5.8 to 6.2. Not really sure why. A video on YouTube talked about how the plants are absorbing extra charge and giving negative charges back to the soil… but in this case the water is one way. I don’t see how the charge could make it back to the res.

Is this just the nutes breakdown over time?

I’m concern if I walk away for 7 days unattended, that the ph will go into the danger zone. Any experience?



Can’t say I have seen it rise that fast unless using aeration or in some cases, a circulation pump. The other thought is algae.

I would toss in a couple cap fulls/gal of hydrogen peroxide or I would wash out the res with a mild bleach solution (I do this every few reservoirs regardless).

My ph does rise over a period of days but I have not had it rise that fast in the res. In the trays, I’ve had weird ph issues at times.

Good luck.


do you use AN’s with RO? the same seems to happen for me :stuck_out_tongue: exact same numbers (not sure if overnight tough i dont check res ph really often) but i grow promix so i dont mind having my ph in the 6.2 6.5 range, i also try to mix low amount more often when i am home. fresh batch of nutes more often


I’m using heavy16 nutes mostly. At quarter strength. No RO. But we have hard tap water. I’m measuring around 1.2 for EC after my nutes.

I just learned about leaving the water out for 24 hrs to allow the chlorine to evaporate. Maybe I should do that.

I Assumed that the AP system would not allow negative ions to be passed from the plants all the way to the res. I thought the valves sort of made it a one way street. But now I am not sure it works that way. Meaning it’s probably no different than any other system in this respect.

Also what I read today was that this is pretty normal and rising ph is expected for health plants (as they dump the ions). But I still think this seems quick. Argh.


i have read mostly that lower amount of water tend to be more unstable… maybe its the buffers in the base nutrients not holding the PH stable… but my well water was hard and it was a hell to buffer.


Kismit… I was just wondering this myself. I’ve been mixing 4 gallons at a time. Maybe I will double that the next time to see how it changes. Might test distilled water as well (brought up to roughly same EC). Thanks man.


Day 43.

I think the girls are looking good. They are still drinking about an 1"/day. I made an 8G batch of nutes yesterday (still at 1/4 strength) and I am guessing it should last a good 8-9 days before I really need to make a new batch.

Gorilla Glue
I wasn’t going to topper her initially, but I saw three nodes and just went for it.

Gold Leaf
More training and a 2nd topping for both main nodes

Mk Ultra
I don’t know if I really f’d this up or not, but I took a stab at FIMing on this girl.

Blue Dream
I gave her a 2nd topping as well.

Hoping to let these girls fill out some now and add some scrog nets in a few weeks.

Its been six weeks since I planted, so I guess 5 weeks now in veg. Most things I read online say that I need 3-8 weeks of veg. But they also say to flip at half desired height. I feel like I have more than 2-3 weeks to go till I can flip but I have no clue.


If you’re going to SCROG, then it doesn’t matter how tall they get. Just keep vegging till you fill the net to 70%.


That good to know. Thanks


They look great!! I think I have the same tower fan in my tent.


I fricken love this hobby.


Hey @Screwauger. When you throw up a scrog net, what do you do with the tower fan? It bumps into the net so I turned it off for now. I have a wall mounted oscilatting fan. I may have to make another one of those to keep it out of the way.


When I scrogged my first grow I didn’t have the tower fan. I used smaller fans (an oscillating and a fixed) that I suspended from my tent poles. One had a clamp on it that would not hold the tent pole so I placed a squeeze clamp on the pole to stop it from sliding down. It was a makeshift set up but worked ok. @stale


I think everything is ok… but It like watching water boil now. Just not filling up the scrog as fast as I hoped.

I’m 53 days in. I added a scrog last week, and growth looks slow now that I have something to measure against. I was really hoping to have a xmas crop but not sure if I am anywhere near that now. Feels like another 2-3 weeks to fill up the scrog 70%.


I would push that net down a little.


I actually did today. I have it 11" above the soil and it was 12". Would you still go further?