4 Girls, Autopots and Me



The standard autopot reservoir holds 12 gallons. That equates to 11 safe days away so he probably can come and go as he pleases regardless of growth stage!! :wink::wink:

Or like me, you get a second res (cause I know he has more than 1 plant) and work with 24 gallons!!


Yeah. I read that on your journal and @Blasting’s. I was going that route by the local hydro store guy said that it would grow faster if I started in a smaller container and allow the root ball to expand within that little pot. I’m not really in a rush though

I’m torn since at least the small pots allow me to start more off and choose the best. Even this run, I have some pretty clear winners and losers. I’m going to give them a few more days and then move em.

On a related note… I was flipping through a hardcopy grow book and it referenced deep plugs. Something like these. I’m guessing this would be beneficial for APs since it would force a lot of downward root growth.


With photo strains your fine starting in smaller pots. I grow mostly auto’s and the tip to sow into autopots directly is more specific to autoflower strains as we try to minimize any hinderance to veg growth.

Those plugs look interesting!


Yeah, I usually start seeds/clone way before they get into autopots but if i had nothing growing and some seeds i would put them straight into APs :slight_smile:


Today is day 16, and is transplant day. I checked and the roots are starting to get to the bottom of my 4x4 cups, so its prob a good time to move them.

I hope I did this right. Also used another batch of nutrients at 1/4 strength. My blue dream was a little whilty this morning. I had not watered in 5 days so I’m hoping that was why.

Picked the best plant from each strain. My GG is a little slow compared to the other girls. Hope she catches up.


I also turned on my second 315 lamp. I’m guessing I could wait but it seemed right for even spacing. Tent is going to get hot though.

Am I part of the AP club now? :smile:


Hahaha, almost!! When the air and rez are in use, you are official.

Just kidding. They look great!!


Day 21. My girls look healthy but I can help think they are growing slow compared to other journals.

I have the lights about 3’ above. I have not watered for 3 days (since transplant) and soil is still moist.


I have to get my humidity up. A glass of water did nothing. I might through a humidifier in there to get it up to 70


They look fine for 21 days.


Do they? Good. Thanks. I have no frame of reference. I just assumed they were spending their energy rooting.


So the duct fan I have has a nice monitor panel. I decided today I was going to integrate it into my tent and fix my cabling. Previously I had all the cabling outside the tent. I decided to move nearly all inside the tent.

I used some pipe clamps to secure two peg boards, added some power strips

and my air control

Cleaned up the outside of the tent

Pretty happy with the results. Now there are only two cables and the duct exiting the tent.


They look great and have def taken after transplanting as they look much bigger than 3 days ago. Going great so far.


Holy jeebus… @Screwauger you are right. I never scrolled back until you mentioned it. I’m pretty happy with the growth… could be the cherry pie I am smoking right now thought :slight_smile:

I’m not happy with my oscillating fans, but I am going to attempt to tackle that this weekend. I’m trying to think about my intake right now. I’m wondering whether I should run a duct to another window and add a 6" fan to suck in some clean air. Currently I have the window cracked in a granny flat. The air outside is always fresher. I care deeply about my girls now.

Can’t wait to build my shed…


You could do that but I’m gonna say you don’t really need to. I have a bit of a dank basement. It’s dry but only when RH outside is normal. The basement goes as the outdoors goes meaning it’s 85 down here sometimes but the median temp is about 68-70. I have no exterior air pull, just a 6" 240cfm intake near the floor and ducting to run that “cooler” air into the center or where I want it. That and my exhaust and two oscillating fans and I do just fine (ie no mold indoors, no PESTS so far and no serious temp control issues). It does get dry in winter and I run a humidifier and a de-humidifier in worst of summer (if I am flowering).

I just ripped everything out of my tent. Just the plants and my cob going. New 4x4 tent needs erected and slid into place then, we hook it all back up again. Man, I Love Growing Marijuana!

I’m tokin ak47 bubble hash!!! @stale


I’m in absolute amazement that it is legal now. I thought it would be another 20 years., another generation. With all the craziness out there… its not all bad.

Anyhoo. You are probably right. This growing pot stuff is more addictive than the real thing. I’m planning to build a shed to grow where I will definitely have an intake. I’m trying to plan for that. Maybe premature right now. I added a humidifier to my 4x4 tent and its very inefficient when you have a 6" duct exhaust fan.

Crazy thing is I really want to learn how to grow, and I want to grow a lot. Gonna have to find a place to share my spoils…


My girls are feeling pretty good. Still watering every 4 days or so now.

I plan on LST and scrogging. My MKUltra is the tallest (below). Its on its 3rd set of 5-prong leaves. Can/should I start LST now?


I topped my first girl and started LST. I’m going to wait till tonight or tomorrow to top two more.

Not sure why, but my humidity is quite low. I stuck in a humidifier the other day but it barely budged.

First top. Hope I did it right. Just learned I should have cleaned my scissors before.


I use my thumb nail so I bet you’re good. Girls look great!!


I turned my res on yesterday. Girls have been sitting in the APs for 12 days since transplant. My GG is still a little small. I may continue to top water her for a week until she grows.

My Blue Dream is kind of floppy since I topped her. I don’t see any yellowing or any other signs. And I was watering every 4-5 days before turning on the res.

Not sure if I should be concerned or not. The other girls are more perky


Also found 3 small flies/gnats on the sticky paper. Only near one plant. Should I be concerned? Hmmm

I was thinking about getting some gnatnix to place on top of the soil. But I have no experience here.