4" Fan & Filter deal!

This is a set that I saw recommended here for small tents like mine.
This seems to have dropped in price significantly!
I was needing one badly and Amazon offered me a $50 gift card to open a new ■■■■ card with them!
Approved! With $50 off I decided to get 2 sets for less than $59 delivered!
You can never have too much odor control, can you?

If you have been waiting to get a filter set up like me this seems to be a very good time to act!

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Here’s what the Honey app said:

This item’s price is 45% lower than we’ve seen at Amazon in the last 30 days. Check it out, since prices can always change!

:eyes::eyes::eyes: might have a indoor set up before winter 4 sure. Lmk about lights lol…thank you brother

@Flying-High I have had it… What size tent do you have?

On a 4x4 tent 4" isn’t enough. Need 6" or bigger.

Try AC Infinity 6"

24"x36"x53" small tent and I got 2 of these for it!

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The reason for the price drop is they don’t last.

Attribute that to charcoal grade. 1050 vs 1200. 1200 being ac infinity.

Not necessarily. I’ve had one of these for 3 years and it’s ran 24/7 since day one.


The filter still? My first filter was advertised the same through sf and didn’t last half the length I’ve been using the ac infinity. Fan was just too expensive to run in comparison. Didn’t ever quit. Was louder for sure

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Didn’t see the filter part. Although I’m still using the filter from 3 years ago but only a week or two at a time during the drying period.

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I overwork mine. It scrubs smoke too. Runs 365 with filter. First one lasted less than first grow.

I exhaust my flowering plants to the outdoors but dry indoors so that’s the only reason I use the filter.

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Installed 1 set in my small tent. I’ve got negative pressure and complete elimination of the smell for now. Maybe for drying I can stick the other one in a simple cardboard box in my closet. Hanging the fan and filter from 2 straps that were included and the noise from the fan is nearly imperceptible. The Honeywell HEPA filter unit I already had in my bedroom is far noisier but did not eliminate the smell coming from my closet. I’m very satisfied with this new filter so far.