4 days without Coffee

Its all good now because Im sippin a nice hot cup of my hazelnut blend and it is delicious!
We had storm damage in our area last week and was without electricity during that time. I was about 10 days into cloning for my first time in an areoponics machine. Knowing the extent of the storm damage and the likelihood of no power for a few days I took the clones that had developed roots and put them to soil. I already had a few cuttings started from a storm a couple weeks ago that split a branch on a plant I was harding to flower outdoors. This was my first time attempting to clone.


Started 5 new strains! Cant wait to see how they turn out.


Looking good! Thats gonna be a ton of pot! Cant wait to see what u have planned… outdoors? And if indoors hows the setup?


Still constructing my setup currently for indoor growing. The seedlings are for selecting mother plants. Sweet Tooth and Jager Bomb are regular seed so I planted more expecting some to be male.
I’m trying to decide which DWC will work best for clones rooted in an aeroponics machine. I plan to use HPS for lights.