4 Days of non stop rain and cold - Should I harvest?

Yep top of the south too.
Ive dabbled in growing weed gorrilla style really and just cut them whenever i thought they were ready or like you say a frost was coming or rain.
So we had fresh snow easter weekend and several rains.
I had mine outside in pots i brought them inside week or so ago when it was going to start raining so they could stay dry and reach full potential. About another week i think.
I have learnt so much since being on here.
Growing is a whole new dimension/art/science.
Never attempted cloning weed.
Done it with tomatoes and native trees.
Love to give indoor grows a go some time.
Brilliant grow season this summer.

I actually like the second from the left. Really chunky colas. Got the seeds from a green fairy.
That one on the right had an interesting life.
Started out gorrilla style.
Almost died.
Then practiced sea of green open them up cracking the branches and trimmed it gave it sunny spot brought it back to life.
Interested in what the gorrilla glue like.
Wow real strain weed in nz amazing hay.

I tried gold finger but it died at germination so did a white willow.
Next summer be fun exploring new strains and maybe clones.
Sell them at a market maybe.
That be cool wonder how that would go down.

I know, it’s amazing how long nz have been going with the ‘whatever it is’ strain. I was lucky enough to stumble on ilgm and chanced buying some seed. My son said I was nuts and would end up in jail! He has indoor stealth growing up North.

He’s the expert cloner.

Not sure how it will all go if it’s legalised. A few will make a lot of money no doubt.

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Haha, yeah, I’m sure it would go down really well!

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Hi benson.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I was the same.

Never went on line to investigate anything remotely related to marijuana. One day i did as i had a shocking strike rate with the seeds i had.

First nervous step. Then found a few sites and payment was an issue.

That was my next hurdle.

Then the trust issue was in my face.

Sending money off some where to a seed bank who i dont know.

Is it a scam will i get caught etc.

Then i got mail to say money received that was a relief then mail to say there on there way.

Cool these guys are onto it.

Then the long wait for arrival.

I waited 25 days still nothing.

Made contact with them first they said my address was wrong and thought oh here we go it is a scam after all.

Wrote to them what i thought about them.

Then they resent the order and it arrived.

They are a well organized business and have fantastic customer service and support.

Ordered more strains some got damaged and all they wanted was a photo proof and replaced them.

I do have a few orders stuck in transit some since lockdown here in nz.

So im hoping they make it eventually cause ive spent a lot of money i dont have to really spend on seeds.

Either orginal order arrives or a replacement for the ones that dont arrive.

Im looking at it like if i could grow a bit maybe i could sell a bit just to recover my outlay and have a decent weed to offer at a party and be able to give it a name and character and expected experience. How cool is that.


Benson yes about cloning seems a great way to make lots of extra weed.
I would sure like to explore that and learn more about it.
Any knowledge much appreciated.
Sounds amazing what i have learnt that you can keep the mother going for a long time and just keep getting cuttings.
Im not set up enough at the moment to attempt cloning.
Im wondering if we will have the referendum this year now we got all this covid19 going on.
Im hoping it goes ahead frees up the home grower to have a bit of free smoke and share with mates.
At first i thought great we can pull our plants out of hiding and grow them in full view but then i realized there still going to be the ones that will come and steal your crop just when its ready to cut for yourself. So the number one rule don’t tell anyone about your grow.
Your on my time line which is helpful so i can say have a great day.
Happy trimming

Hi i cut most of my girls today checked the trichomes and a good amount of smokey and amber.
Just one left to cut probably tomorrow.
Trim wet or trim dry this is the question.
@Hellraiser @AAA @kettle @Kan72 @shindig153 @FrostyBuds @tincupbb

If it was me . I’d do a little trimming . But hang upside down with great air flow . I’m sure @AAA @kettle and @FrostyBuds will know better than I .

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I wet trim at harvest, in manageable branches and hang upside down in the wardrobe, if there was rain around id defiantly consider a peroxide wash, there are plenty of threads on it… :ok_hand: exciting… :grinning:

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I wet trim, it’s easier and the buds dry quicker.

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I’m in Auckland & have around 5 weeks to go, it has be windy, raining etc. Been moving them around everyday day! No bud rot yet but but humidity has been high. I’ve had issues growing early because december is warm but really wet and humid up here so I decided to plant late. Anyway lets see what happens, Indica can handle cooler weather which is why I planted late, week three or four.


Hi Redrum

Thanks for getting in touch great to hear from others this side the world and on the shores of nz.

I know the Auckland weather i lived up there for 2 years.

Lovely photos. Looks like a real queen with her crown of leaves and heads.

Looks very happy.

Wow started her in December.

What’s the name of the indica strain you got growing.


Its Pure Indica, I only planted one seed from the Persian Mix because of work etc. Yeah it was late I’m worried but its a super healthy plant and if can keep it out of the rain & wind it might survive. The temperature is not an issue just humidity.

Ive hung up my girls in my shipping container about 70 -75 f.
Not a hugh amount of air flow but can have the door open. Bit like burping on a big scale.
How you getting on since last chat.

Yes i know 4 season in one day. Muggy.
So she gunna couch lock you.
I think if you keep her dry should be ok.
Like you say indica can handle a bit of cold.
Indica grow cycle a bit quicker ive heard.
Good luck with your grow and thanks for getting in touch. Cheers

Thanks _ definitely couch lock, if It survives.

Pretty,pretty.you are the man!!

I can grow bud look like this outside…I dont know about inside…going to give it try this winter.

I’ve tried both dry and wet trim. I dry trimmed only once and realized I perfer to wet trim. I would get some air flow moving inside the storage container just to keep the air moving.