4 days in and need advice...

I was going to go Hydro… I Put 2 seeds in wet paper towel in a DVD case… Both took off however, I was going to use Riot Root and damaged one… Then I just put them in jiffy mix yesterday seem to be OK,… I have a TS-600 Mars Hydro … Do I use that or s it to much? I have them on the sill now … I purchased 2 DWC’s I guess… I am using dirt now…

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If you keep the light fixture dimmed it will work fine.

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Cannabis can be quickly hardened to take a lot of light early. Just start “high and low”. The concerning part is your plan of action. Which is it? Are you going to wash all the soil off your roots for the dwc?

Don’t leave them on the sill too long. Will over stretch.

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I ordered a ts 1000 with a dimmer yesterday ya, that’s what I thought… The light is 4 feet from the plants, it’s just so bright… They grew an inch today maybe too much though …OK Thanks, Wait for the dimmer light… or go get some T 5’s till then… Thanks…

ya this is all new … The strain I have says it doses well in dirt … even though I have DWC’s ,think I will go dirt , still have more seeds. I should have started them in the root riot or the wool… I ordered a TS 1000 with a dimmer… They grew an inch today… So just keeping them under the light about 4 feet away… Thanks…

Drop it to 2ft 80%.

Mars hydros I started at their recommended par charts at 400-500 and I always harden them to light, the moment they sprout domes are off.

Cool , just did…

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If she starts to send her tips twords it too fast, raise the light or turn down the intensity.

As long as the leaves stay mostly flat you’re fine. When they start to “taco” you have too high of a parameter in light.

This actually covers a lot of that. It’s just a long video for most. Took multiple watches before I could say I didn’t learn something new though… lot of information in this relatively short video.

I rewatch it almost every time I share it. Lol