4 days difference with foxfarm

oI love this new foxfarm trio pack. This stuff is super awesome. `


Hmmm…bought a bag of ocean forest today at the hydro store…wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to transplant my plants as they are already in miracle grow but this is sort of convinving to try at least one!

Way better ! Fox Farm ocean Forest is a fine soil, you’re going to love it !

  • good luck :thumbsup:

Fox frams is awesome

. This is yesterday and today’s pic. They are kickin.

These babies are actually just a test run. They are from some bag seed out of some decent mid.

I’m waitin on some seeds I ordered from seed supreme. I’ve got some blue kush and tangie auto coming. I can barely wait.


They look like they’re already yellowing. Or is that just the picture?

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It’s just the hps making them look like that. When the light is off they are dark green.


My favorite bank!

Would you recommend them?

Highly recommended!

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. Latest pic taken earlier today. They are one whole week into 12/12.


I’m only using the foxfarm trio pack on this grow but the good stuff is gonna get the foxfarm soil.

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I have no idea what the strain is on these plants. Does anyone have any ideas?

You can grow start to finish with fox farm ocean love it newts can make it better :pray:t2::four_leaf_clover::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

I did my entire Girl Scout Cookie grow in Foxfarm Ocean Forest last year and never used any nutes until 3 weeks into flower. I started with seed and got five good mothers that I grew to 4’ in 5 gal buckets. From the mothers I got 37 clones that I raised from seedling in Foxfarm. I harvested five times and got about 2oz per plant. Buds weren’t big but they were excellent smoke.
The small leaves make excellent butter.


you have to pay extra to get guaranteed delivery. I ordered from them the same time I ordered from ILGM… neither order made it through customs. ILGM reshipped my order, SS did not…I am now growing ILGM White Widow. In my opinion a man should not have to pay extra in order to get what he paid for.