4 day old sprouts. Opinions?

All of these where put in FF Happy Frog potting soil late in the day on 8/5. So they have been in dirt for 3 days…

The following picture is Gold Leaf Feminized.

This next 2 are White Widow Auto-flower.

How are they looking?

Thank you all in advance.



Hi @NYDon I’m pretty new here but it looks like they are reaching for light. Look at other more advanced growers journals for advice on light distance.
Welcome and Happy Harvests!

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@hempday is correct, they look good but are reaching a bit. Bring the light closer or turn it up.
Otherwise looking good.

I lowered the light from 36" to 26".

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They look okay to me… Every plant no matter what the type is generally different then one another…You can have 5 seeds all the same kind but come out all different. In size shape color etc…That said I’m not sure what you are using for the seedling stage but it looks a tad bit chunky(lots of wood and stuff) That said I wouldn’t worry too much about it…your seedlings look good to me…Some seedlings are leggy and some are squat! I would prefer to germ/seedling in a peat pot or solo cups rather then commercial seedling pods but to each his own…whatever works for you Go for it…Good luck and keep us posted!!! :grinning:

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Lowered the light to 12" and increased light intensity by 1click. Lil sprouts were still stretching… I think. I am worried about temp.