4 day old seedlings outgrowing stretching under T5 light

OG Kush Autos
2’ - 2 bulb T5 light
Rockwool plugs
Prepped with PHed 550ppm GH MaxiGrow in tap water

1st-time grower
These are 4 days from dropping the seeds the 1st ones to pop are about to hit the humidity dome. I had the light about 2" above the dome. I’m not sure how to proceed without a dome. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Cut some gallon bottles in half. Use seperate domes. :white_check_mark:

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Great lateral thinking! My only concern is these girls have already stretched with the light much closer than they will be with a translucent gallon dome.
Would that make them stretch even more?

Yea possibly a bit. Leggy seedlings work. Another week and the dome can go.

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