3yrs old seed and looking like this at 7 weeks

Just want to show whats happening and get opinion


Nice little plant. You wanna share some information about the plant? Do you know the strain? Is it an auto or a regular? Was it started under lights? Is this your first grow? What size pot will it eventually end up with? Or are you going to plant it in the ground? Will it be fed fertilizer or are you going to finish in organic soil?

It is Fem Cali Dream no it been outside in a 5 gal bucket and will finish in it , I pull the seed in a jar until it rooted, the only light is sunlight and no it my true second grow , right now I use Fox Farm Grow big And Big Bloom in the veg stage and once it start Flower ill start adding Bud and Blooms and stop the grow big about three week before harvest I will also start using CA MAG once it start flowering my soil I made was just something simple miracle gro lime and perlite and I also put a sheet of coco in the middle of my soil

im hoping it stay in the veg stage until the end of july and flowers until late oct the whole process be about 7 mos 6 feet would be nice but can get taller