3x5 flower room and 2x3 veg room


A question of a fellow grower:
I’m new to growing indoor. I’m working on a small 3x5 flower room and 2x3 veg room. Plan on 1000w for flowering but not sure what’s best light for germ n veg… Growing in soil with 5 gal wick buckets and siphon setup, suggestions?


You should make an account and give more details. Budget and environment can play a big role in choosing a light.


For the germ 1000w definitely not suitable, we need a weaker light. Describe what you plan to feed on, what kind of soil you use (organic or not), what kind of water you plan to water.


I have a small set up myself of 5ft x 3ft x 7ft set up. Used my older office space to line the walls with mylar(did not order enough, rest coming saturday) using a small humidifier(not one seen in pic) using a small heater set to 75°-80°f. And I’ve ordered a 600w light with veg/bloom switch option and two small clip rotating fans. Windows have been blacked out so night time is awesome. Growing my first ILGM Black Widow.

I have issues with three out of the seven were a bit small that planted 11/15 the other 4 planted 11/17 and a growing much faster. But I switched the smaller three from cups to 1g plastic containers and there are catching up very well.

I’ll admit I was super eager and didn’t realize the factor of the already stored nutrients in the seed as well as the soil. I added notes for the seedling stage as recommended by FoxFarms Big Bloom.(Iknow, I know. How dare I. It’s as if I gave Tequilato an infant). I quickly flushed once I saw the burn on the leaves. And waited until they rebounded to trump the leaf burn. I’ve simply adjusted as time has gone on through the knowledge I have gathered through reading these forums and the vast topic available. I spend more time reading than anything. As a new grower I would suggest to focus more on the plants space now and a little less in the dry room. Best of growing to you


I wouldn’t go any smaller than a 4 bulb 24” t5ho fixture for a 2x3 veg space. Small vipar or similar led fixture would probably do fine there too. 1000 watt hid is fine for 3x5 flower too, just make sure you have the height. If you have a little more coin that would be about perfect space for dual bulb 630 cmh.