3x3 lighting, 301H?UV?IR?

Just gonna pop in here to ask a quick question or two before I get a light for my new tent/setup I’m looking to get (2nd tent one for me one for the wifey 2 and 2)

Hey man I’m going to be getting a new tent it has a 3x3 main footprint and a bit of room to use for clones/seed starting/ mother plant or maybe some fresh herbs (1x4 but 2 racks).

I have a 320xl in my 4x2 and I almost just bought the same light but then I realized I have more of a square then a rectangle with this tent…
Suggestions on Wich HLG setup to get?
The 300w square board style I Geuss with 2x QB288 boards.

To be honest I was leaning towards getting a Kingbright over and HLG(thoughts)?
A 320w duel board setup is available in 301b with no IR/UV and then there is a setup but with 301H along with IR&UV (available in normal or v3)

I would like to use this from veg to flower ideally so should I go with a 3500k over a 3000k?

Heard the H is better than the B but haven’t seen anything solid to back that up so doing some research still.

Thanks in advance for your help I know everyone keeps you very busy here just want to be sure this time before I order 4 times to get it right haha

I was responding to this when you removed from other thread.

I’m pretty sure 301h and 301b are same led, 301h has coating to protect phosphor from sulfur. So unless you’re burning sulfur it shouldn’t matter.

The kits ending with xl are too long for a 3x3. You want something like 260xw kit. I think they make 320xw still, but 260 would be plenty.

Ir and uv, probably not going to make that big of difference from r-spec boards. I’ve also read somewhere about issues with kingbrite boards, riu maybe

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Copy XL is extra long?
I see the 260 and I see the 300, seems like the same everything other than its dialed up and better spaced to provide a more even coverage?

To the other questions, kingbright? 3500k?UV/IR? V3?

Ps sorry I removed it from there as it wasn’t true DIY didn’t know if I should post there or thread it.
Ty @dbrn32

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Yes the 260xl is extra long. You can put 3 of the 288 boards on the aluminum panel. The panel is around 35” long.

They are in a 4x4 tent.


Only difference is bigger driver I think. Xl is indeed extra long

I have no idea on kingbrite boards really, just seen someone ranting about them.

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@dbrn32 I also think the xl driver is bigger. The one in the xl kit is about 9 inches long.

Ok I just compared the regular 260 with the 260xl. It’s the same driver according to Growerlights. Now the 320 is probably a bigger driver.


320 kit driver is bigger, but xl is strictly reference to heatsink. you can get it with 2 board and 250 watt driver or 3 board and 320 watt driver.

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Should we be wearing glasses while opening a tent powered by our QB’s?
Like my. HLG doesn’t have any UV in it… So. I thought no… And of course I never look at the light it’s self

The intensity is enough to damage your eyes, but no specific wavelengths. So however you protect yourself from that should be sufficient.

So we should just be dimming our lights once we open the tent basically?
Or have a well lit room and turn the light off when opening the tent?

Hmm dang didn’t realize this :pensive:

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If you’re not looking at them you should be fine. But dimming is another option.

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I go to a local a welding shop for my safety glasses I use while riding my Harley. They are amazing and you can get a good pair pretty cheap. Less than $8.

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