3x3 grow tent setup

Who’s growing in 3x3 tents other than me? Drop pics of you can? Thanks

I have a 3x3x7 gorilla tent.
It is currently occupied

A couple grows back I moved the filter out of the tent. Now that it pushes through the filter, I put the prefilter inside

Have a 6" Terra Bloom intake

Before I assembled it, I installed a scrog frame. Raise & lower it with the ratchets

The driver to one of the lights is external

The plants sit on racks above saucers.


Anything in particular you are interested in, want to know?


Yes sir I was wanting to know how many plants you have in it and what size pots? I’m using 2 ts1000 LED’s it has GREAT light coverage.

That is good move. 300 combined puts you where you need to be with QBs.
I usually run 4 plants at a time. Sometimes 3 if germination fails or I kill a seedling (I try not to). Most of the time I use 5 gallon fabric pots. Either smart pots or vivosun. I am using 3 gallon this time because I have 5 plants plus a left over from my SOG in a little 6" nursery pot. In the first photo it is NL X.
I did a couple runs of autos and now doing photos.

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@Smooch530 What’s your specs? It’s looking pretty good!!

Spider farm 3x3x6
2 2000 watt Phlizon led
2 5 gallon radicle Ilgm Gg
1 3 gallon radicle bag seed gruntz
Coco loco
Jacks 321
Cal mag
Ac infinity t6 inlet fan and carbon filter

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I’ve heard a lot about the jacks 321 I may have to check into that, I’m using fox farm trio and my oh my did I make a lot of mistakes. Even with the chart or half of recommended dosage the girls would have bad reactions.

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That my friend is an amazing set up! Well done @beardless. I’ve modified my garage grow several times and will do another rebuild after this grow. The rack system over the saucers give your ladies a lot of breathing room. I’m going to steal that from ya😎

Believe me, I am not the first to use it. When it comes to testing runoff I can’t imagine having it any other way. Speaking of garage modifications, that is on my spring to do list. I want to do a 2 plant, 2 light, dedicated closet. Hope it happens.

Yep, I have mine on a small grate riser but not as cool as the ones you have.

All you need is old old charcoal grate and some shelving from who knows where.

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Nice setup buddy. 3x3 here as well. :+1:

How much experience with either?

@beardless this is my first grow so none

Nice setup buddy. 3x3 here as well. :+1: I have my pots sitting on lil containers. I had it sit on flat surface before it and the bottoms of my fabric potics were wet but not anymore. IMG_20210218_050020472_HDR|375x500

Mother earth coco n perlite mix, ff trios and dr. Earth 4-6-3

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Thanks Good luck with it.

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Do you have a little mess to clean up every time to water? I would think some saucers like these 14" ones would make things simpler. You can set what you use inside the saucer. Otherwise, these work great too
Go-pro pot elevators. Still should clean out the saucers but at least it isn’t the whole tent.


I seen something similar to this on amazon. Itching to get it but trying to keep spending on the low low (wife watches what I spend). I’m thinking to drill some holes thru the saucers so it has some kind of air and water drainage.
I been rotating the pots 3x a day so it doesn’t sit in the same spot.

That light is sick