3x3 grow tent light

Ive been using a viparspectra 1200 for the last couple of grows. Not bad but could be better yield and potency. Gonna upgrade i hope. Narrowed it down to the viparspectra 2020 or the mars hydro ts 1000. Any thoughts which might be better?

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Neither one is considered a great light.

Look at a pair of HLG 260 rspec.

There ain’t no way around it: you gotta have good light to grow good cannabis.


You won’t regret getting top quality lights. Both lights you listed are sufficient, but won’t give you the results that you can get with lights that @Myfriendis410 is recommending.


Kinda hoping i get off cheaper than 700 bucks. HLG 260 rspec 350 bucks any kits

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Hi @Phoneman
Iv just ordered this one but I’m in OZ it was the cheapest I could find?
Good luck mate👍

sorry about double post