3weeks old banana kush , why are they flowering so fast

How come they’re flowering so fast I haven’t had the chance to transplant from solo cups


This is one of the reasons why I won’t grow autos. One has no control over flowering.

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Because their roots filled in and it’s time to flower. Should have planted seed in final home

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Oh wow :flushed:

If only I knew , Is it still good to transplant ?

I didn’t see that they were auto’s in the title, are they?
What is your light schedule?

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Yes 18/6

Autos have a finicky temperament.
They stress out easy. If they stress too much they will hermie and grow balls.
You can try transplanting but I would be very very carful. If you DO transplant them
make sure the soil is a good mix. Happy Frog and Strawberry Fields 50/50 mix or a
FF Ocean Forrest and Strawberry Fields 50/50 mix. You want there to be vitamins already
in the soil that will facilitate flowering. Straight FFOF is not heavy enough in P and K but
plenty of N.


Ok thank you .