3weeks in and not looking good

Hello buddies!
It’s been three weeks In and things aren’t looking great! I was having issues with nute burn on the second week and solved the problem by flushing them with water that was at 6.0ph. I looked like it worked until a few days ago. I accidentally forgot to turn my lights on before going to bed so they were off for more then 12 hours. I then decided to leave them on 24hrs to make up for it. Now they look like this :frowning: Could a simple mistake like this really cause so much damage. Will I still be able a salvage them. The we’re looking so good!!

Northern lights auto flower

Blueberry auto flower

Amnesia haze auto flower (the lost cause)

This is my set up

My ph currently

This is my soil.

These are my lights

I usually keep my lights on 18hours with 6hours off
I Water about 3tbs a day.

Is the ph too low? Should I water them more? Please help! Thank you

Are you spraying something on the leaves?

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I wouldnt give them any more nutes. Let then dry out a little and see how they do. Seedlings that young dont require alot of water, so they are probably water logged.

Youre also going to want alot more light than what you have.


It looks like overwatering, to be honest. All happy frog and coco soil from Fox Farms is hot on the seedlings. If it’s fresh dirt, it’s also wet already. As a seedling, I usually only water every 2-3 days around the perimeter of the shoot, working my way out to the edge of the cup. I usually don’t need much water using FFS for the first 2 weeks… Let that soil dry out and get some fabric pots for your transplant. If you have watering issues, those will save you if you ever water too early. The soil dries out much quicker than the clay pots you are in now.

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I will be honest too, after looking at your tent, it needs a good scrubbing already. Not sure what your Relative Humidity is in the tent, but it is either mold under the pots, or your are watering way too much and runoff is causing the mess under your plants. You shouldn’t need runoff watering until after about 4-5 weeks of growth in my opinion. If it’s black mold, you will need to scrap it all and start over or it will be a hazardous issue when you smoke them budz from that tent…

Many issues:

As @Notllihkor pointed out, if you’re spraying the leaves, you need to stop.

Your PH water is low, you need to be at 6.5 for Happy Frog.

You’re over watering. Let the container get dry, pick it up, if it feels empty, it’s time to water.

You need to upgrade your light…but that’s another matter.


Thank you!
Over watering the plant definitely seems like the problem. I started at a shot a day. Then I noticed the leaves starting to curl a bit so I thought it might be time to add more water.

I’m not going to water it today and tomorrow and see if they get better.

The stuff in the tent I’m thinking isn’t mold but rust from the water on the tin foil. Will that still cause issues.

Also For lights I plan on getting better ones eventually but thought these would be good for the vegetation stage. Should I get better ones now?

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So it seems it is too much watering. Try letting it dry out and see how they do. Seedlings bang back pretty well. If they can dry in time they should do fine. Bring what lights you have closer to the plant, about 6-12 inches based on your current lights, but once your seedlings hit true vegetative stage, you will need much more light for sure. Again, even after transplant into a 7 gallon dirt bag, I don’t give a full runnoff watering until at least 5 weeks. But that has alot to do with the fresh dirt and amount of nutes in my dirt from the start.

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They will let you know if they need water. Usually, plants will look healthy and start to droop as they need water. If they are drooping, then feel the dirt about 1-2 inches down. If it’s moist, you can wait a day or two. If it’s dry that far down, she’s prob thirsty then.

You shouldn’t be giving more than 5 to 10 ml per watering for a plant that size.


@TokerGuy terracotta pots (clay) pull salt out of the soil. So the white you are seeing, if its on the pot is just the salts being drawn out.

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This is a pot i have used a reused. You just clean the salt off and keep on trucking.


This stuff here looks like WPM (white powdery mildew). A fungus that eats your plants, caused by high humidity and poor ventilation. Neem oil spray will take care of that but I’d pop some more seeds and not count on those plants making it.


Yeah, many people like them including my parents. But the new stuff is much kinder to the roots in a high humidity environment.

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I was looking at his tent and saw the remnants of either runnoff or mold. He confirmed it was runnoff. The salt on the pot, thanks for that though. Important info.

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here’s a closer picture of the blueberry. I did find it strange that is was coming from the stem instead of the end of the leaves.is this WPM as well. I have a small fan for ventilation but no humidifier or anything.

After reading all this my main diagnosis is overwatering!

I was told to do 2tbs a day in another forum. now I’m being told 5-10ml which is less then half. Until a couple of days ago 2tbs was doing me fine but I decided to add 3tbs seeing that the leaves were wilting. Then I was dumb and forgot to turn the lights on for 12hours thus the chaos.

I’m a little confused how much water to add daily

I’m also going to put the ph balance to 6.5 so consider that.

Like MrPeat said 5-10ml

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Obviously 3 tablespoons is to much. That was in tour original post.

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I see what you guys are talking about now. I retract my dumbass statement. :scream:

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