3rd week flowering wondering if i should remove bottom smaller branches?


Subscribing to the idea that getting rid of those will produce a better flower right? Me too!! (I’m a compulsive trimmer but I resist) And I’m not advising one way or the other BUT I will say I resist the temptation without consultation because I’ve heard that you should trim as little as possible. I’ll be watching for more experienced input :v:t3:
Good luck with your grow!!
And good morning :coffee:

You may be able to get away with it at this point but shes feeding off her fan leaves & too much cutting in flower can cause her to herme. Its best to rid yourself of non producing limbs in veg.


It depends on what the flower is, this building of the stem on the photo tells me that I leave it there, for example, this photo,

And here I removed the bottom


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What for???if i was you i would tigh those plant down so those branches get more light and thay will become colers good :blush: luck

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