3rd try-Hopefully i wont get caught this time.SOME COMEDY


So this will be my first attempt since I was young at trying to grow but this time at least I have the education from this site and learning stuff by the minute, I do have confidence that this time it will grow great as long as I don’t kill it trying out these advanced nutrients and all the stuff I keep hearing about but I’m sure the friends on here that I’m making will be able to keep me in line and keep it alive my first attempt when I was about 15 in an aquarium I got some seedlings to pot but I quickly killed them by throwing a teaspoon of Miracle Grow right on top of them not even pre-mixed LOL just dump the powder right on on burnt their asses right up my second attempt I had one growing and I got a big mason jar that got about 16 inches tall well I was out on the weekend drinking with some friends and got arrested and while I was in jail the family came over to talk about bail money and my aunt who is a hippie saw the plant and told my mom that sure is a pretty marijuana plants you’ve got growing there and my mom flipped her shit she had no idea that’s what had been sitting in front of her kitchen sink in the flower window behind her plants so that one didn’t make it of course then I tried again when I was 19 and was growing it in the closet with Miracle Grow didn’t realize I had to raise the lights and it got so high I had to take the Shelf out of the closet those were going pretty good about 4 feet tall then my cousin came by to see me and hung out that night and left the next morning I went to work and left a friend sleeping on the couch the police showed up looking for my cousin because unbeknownst to me she had ran away from my grandmother and made a phone call from my phone and it was traced back to my apartment and the police showed up looking for her we need to search the apartment my friend didn’t even know about the plants so he let them search it they open the closet and saw the plants standing there four foot tall feeling the closet I don’t know how I was so lucky but they told him to remove it and don’t ever and when they come back it better be gone and they made him try to flush it so when I came home I had a 4-foot plant sticking out of my toilet LOL so this will be my first real attempt with actual knowledge on how to grow plants let’s see how it goes LOL already had some laughable moments and some sad ones


So I am on week 3 of the ceilings a little behind on starting the journal accurately but this is how I have to do it . Some of you I’ve already spoken with my poking around and reading all the different post and journals and all the information I can retain and more than I can return on here and asking questions and I really appreciate the help.

Strain- White Widow& Pineapple Haze
Germed- 6 days (TOO LONG) between Wet psper towels in ziplock bags***FOUND OUT DONT USE ZIPLOCKS sprouts need air or they will mold in there and die*** if you use the ziplocks leave an air pocket in the bag and open it and add air daily to prevent the mold
Miracle Grow seedling soil
Transplant into Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Soil,
With perlight and some Mg seedling soil on top
Nutrition - ILGM Trio, also after reading @yoshi s journal and a few others i purchased Fox Farm Trio along with the Beastie Blooms Cha Ching and Open Sesame but im a little timid on ising those,hopefully the awesome crew on here can keep me on point
Lights - started with 1- 1360 lumen cfl to sprout, then added 2- 24" t5 grow lights (very week ,about 17 watts each. Then yesterday i added a 300w 3200 lum LED Daylight bulb. I have 2 Hydro Mars 300w LEDs that will be here in a couple days. Gonna post some pics of the journey so far to catch the journal up that’s when I found out I had to go out of town right after I had sprouted these little suckers and put them in the dirt freaking out I had to figure out what to do ask questions on here got plenty of ideas searched all the stores trying to find a drip system or something to keep them watered while I was gone for over a week ended up coming up with this stupid ass looking thing that looks like a two-year-old made it that took me at least 30 minutes to make I’ll just call it a stoner jellyfish it was supposed to be an ivy type drip system LOL

I figued i could run each shoe string thru the soil in each cup and let it drip from the bottle loke an I,V lol it didnt work.i think it could but not with my design. I ended up poking hole in the bottom of each cup with the soil and seed in them which kinda sucks cuz the dark with a follow now that up all over me but anyway should have been done before the soil went into the cup anyway I decided to just fill the bucket about an inch full of water maybe a inch and half and stand all the cups up in the bucket of water knowing that the dry soil for the seed starter soil would absorb the water right up like a sponge and see how that lasted for the week that I was out of town the whole time freaking out that they would all be dead when I got back there are 10 seeds here


So every mile pretty much stopped worrying about whether the plants will be alive when I got home or not but to my surprise I got home open the door looked in the bucket and hear all the pretty little Sprouts are there little leaves already started I was very elated


So in my previous experiences with trying to grow Hydro crappy bagseed and you always had to grow double what you wanted because more than likely the majority of them wouldn’t even Sprout and if they did then half of those were probably mail so I started off and growing 10 seeds when I finally got them because I was so excited not thinking about it the fact that I really don’t have the room for 10 full size big stinky plants to be stinking up this place as I live in a neighborhood that is door-to-door like a regular Suburban neighborhood so realizing this I decided to downgrade and give five of my plants away to my brother-in-law that way I would have someone to bounce ideas off of and someone we could each check each other sites out and give each other tips and trade smoke with down the line and it would turn out to be a fruitful idea instead of a sad event where I had to just kill part of my plants so that being said I have for that I kept two are white widows to our pineapple Haze one of them never sprouted that’s why I have 4 instead of 5 and I gave him 5 we don’t like talking about it on the phone or sending pictures so pretty much I have to go out there if I want to see them or know about them so I’m not sure how they are doing it has been a couple of weeks since I gave them to him but here are mine that I kept


So one very interesting thing will be at the end of the grow when we look at the plants and compare of mine to his because I am going by all the knowledge and tips I am getting from this site and all the fellow Growers and using Advanced Nutrients whereas he is not interested in any of this knowledge even though I tried to give him all the advice I could and he’s not going to be using any of the advanced nutrients I would guess probably just Miracle-Gro well water and a cheap LED light that’s probably not even the right Spectrum so it will be interesting to compare his turn out quality compared to my quality with all of the things that I am putting into play here that I am learning I will keep you all posted as I get posted


So I went to check on the girls this morning and this one was droopy none of the others are in fact one of them is practically leaves are practically standing up and reaching all look good except this one didn’t know why or if it’s anything to worry about I fed them 2 days ago with ilgm at 25% as this is only the second time I have fed them


Looks like a pH issue, she’s turning yellow and light green.


Ph meter just showed up today. I will check it when i get back. I have been using the paper aquarium test strips with a color chart. From the tap “according to the color chart” it was between 6.0 and 6.3 i will check when i get home. Got the Ph UP and ph Down kit yesterday. Im getting it all together, itchin for those LEDS to get here and worr2they will show up broken. I WANT THEM TO GROW FASTER lol i check them 6 times a day,wife thinks im going out back crackin out lol


Hahaha I’m the same way dude, you’re not alone! I check my girls so many times a day. I’ll even just sit with them and check my emails from the day. It’s so relaxing to sit in the tent and have the fan blow on me while hearing my air pumps humming. Ive been thinking about adding some music for them to listen to while I’m not hanging out with them.


Thats awesome man. I need to set up some music and get me a chill apot out there. My situation changed .i was first planning on growing in the shed out back but its to hot in there and to cool it i would have to run heavy guage wire nd cooling equipment not to mention insulation.WAY to expensive right now. Got fiired from my regular job and my side work slowed down which is one big reason i decided to grow to save the $400-$500 a month i was spending on herb and it was never to the quality im looking for plus going to the hood is way to dangerous. So trying to be wiser,safer and stop throwing good money away for sub par smoke which there is never variety, its always purple kush and im not impressed. So i live in an old house with older wiring with glass fuses so i have to be cautious of how much amperage i use on my set up.So i decided to get a grow tent and put it inside the spare room and life would be blissful but the wife Vetoed the idea because she is afraid her parents will come to visit and i do agree.So i think im going to have to do the best i can by retrofitting a grow room into a pie shaped utility room .It should slightly suck but its all i got and to be on the real im suprised the wife hasnt flipped already and shut the whole idea down,but i guess saving $500 a month on some PTSD meds is persuading her.Of course all the upfront start up is getting us on edge so i have to tell some white lies.


Whats that cheaper white plastic that i should use for the walls? Or is there some other better but still economical product i should use? @ktreez420


I painted a plastic lid from a large container, it was like $2 for paint. Also picked up some large pieces of white cardboard at the local dollar store for like 50 cents each. Or maybe you could pick up some cheap shelving paper in white?


Flat white paint is always a popular choice
-good luck


Thanks I have some white but I think its semigloss.it may have to do.thanks


Mylar or panda film. Cheap and easy to work with. You can clean the panda film. If you do order some, make sure it’s around 7 mil thick. The thicker the better, won’t tear or rip and can be reused.
Or if you can, just white paint will work if you can paint your walls.


Transplanted the girls into larger pots. Had my first experience getting ph right and using new meter,i looked like a monkey !@#$ing a football.mixing over doing it and starting over but it was slightly fun. Found out my tap water is 6.9 ph so you were right @ktreez420 it was a ph problem. I ended up feeding them 1.5 fl oz (3 tablespoons) of ILGM Grow big in a half gallon of water … to this point i have only fed them .5 fl oz twice .once at week 2 and once and once at the beginning of week 3. So today the end of week 3 , i gave them 1.5 fl oz of Grow big and transplanted into larger pots. Well i forgot to ph the water i fed them with so i freaked out and thought they all would die over night. So i set the ph to 6.3 and dumped a gallon on them to dilute the ilgm i gave them
. So i have a few fears-
Should i have ised lower ph?
I kicked my runt out of the closet and outside.do you think she is to small and will die from the environment change. She has been kept around 75° all her life. In a closet. Now she is outside averaging 86 to 90 degrees and 50% humidity?
I saw someone use a protective globe over his seedling outside.Is this a good idea?

☆☆☆ i have tried to download the grow bible 50 times. I tey everytime i see a link and never get it. I saw someone post a hot link to where the book can be read withoit the PDF download. Anyone have that?

That last one ahe is dancing thats a white widow auto


Nice, she’s taking to the training well! Our girls are close in age, it’ll be cool to keep seeing where I’ll be next week from any future pics you post!




It’s nice to know that I’m not bat shit crazy. Or at least if I am then I’m in good company. I spend more time with my girls lately then I do with my wife :blush:.


You should be good from what I read. Your runt may not make it, but if you want to you could make one of those little soda bottle domes for her, just in case. Since she’s so small I could see her dying, but at the same time, I could see her really like it out there in a few days. Your pH issue should be fine now that you’ve got a meter and know what to check it and level it. Don’t get too worried, soil is forgiving!
@hobbygardener my girl is always giving me dirty looks from the amount of time I spend with my other girls :wink: but she knows that if I weren’t growing it myself I’d be buying it else where. Saves money plus keeps me motivated. I always like gardening anyway, why not grow the plant I use the most in my life?